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Gluten Free Snack Ideas For School

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Gluten Free SnacksIntroducing your kid to gluten free snack items is an excellent idea, especially if he has been diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease. Packing a few homemade snacks into his lunch box, when he is away attending school will also help you to overcome your anxiety. However, do make it a point to include your kid in every activity by explaining why he needs to take special care with his diet. Read on to find out more about preparing delicious snacks without the aid of gluten-rich grains.


Gluten Free Snack Ideas

It is imperative that your kid feels himself to be a part of the crowd at school. That automatically translates into providing him with food that looks absolutely normal. Try to create dishes with alternative grains that mimic the popular grain products. Here are some ideas.


  • Rice Noodle Spaghetti

Recreate a spaghetti dish with the help of rice noodles by purchasing the thin variety of noodles which can be topped with a tomato and herb based sauce, prepared at home. Feel free to flavor it with basil leaves and liberally sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top to make it look like  authentic Italian food. Your kid will have a field day bragging about it at school.


Prepare a pancake batter by mixing all-purpose gluten free flour together with butter, eggs and xanthan gum and fry them until golden. Top hem with the colorful blueberries and pack in a bottle of maple syrup for drizzling. It is likely to be the most coveted food at school as your kid helps himself to the snack.


  • Mint Cookies

Bake tiny cookies with 100% buckwheat flour combined well with butter, eggs and a handful of nuts. Top each cookie dollop on the baking sheet with a liberal amount of crushed mint leaves and your kid is likely to come running at the first whiff of the baking cookies. Be sure to provide enough of them for your child as he leaves for school. They are a healthy and delicious way to keep your child satiated.


  • Candies

Another piece of good news is that the candies remain gluten free, by and large. Your kid can have his fill of jellybeans, fruity gums and skittles whenever he feels the urge to pop something sweet into his mouth.


There are thousands and thousands of recipes that you can consult while trying to prepare the gluten free snack items at home. You are free to experiment and will be surprised to find yourself whipping up gourmet items that happen to be gluten free as well.


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Gluten Free Snack Ideas For School