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Dairy Free Snack Ideas For School

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dairy free snack Taking care of your allergic or lactose intolerant child is not an onerous task any more. All you need to do is to take a look at dairy free snack recipes that abound on the Internet. You can even try out a few innovations based on the principle of keeping it devoid of milk and related products. Here are a few ideas that may help you prepare tasty and wholesome snacks for your child at school.


Dairy Free Snacks

The best way to keep your child happy is to prepare a mix of savory and sweet snacks. While your child may well turn up his nose at eating fruits, you can take it as a challenge and turn the healthy fruit into a mouth watering snack.  Take a look at the following…


  • Apricot Bars

A baked concoction of multi grains and almond meal mixed with roasted apricots. You just need to blend them together with some brown sugar, soy yogurt, and cider vinegar before popping it to bake in an oven.


  • Chocolate Caramels

A double layered candy that contains cocoa powder, honey ad tahini. Simply arrange the caramel and chocolate ganache in layers and freeze it before cutting it into interesting shapes.


  • Pigs in a Blanket

Your kid would be an exception indeed, if he does not swear by hot dogs. All you need to do is to take the opportunity of baking him the most delectable pig in a blanket dish with dairy free, yeast dough, and a couple of hot dogs. You are free to try out soy dogs or the vegan version in case you want your child to avoid meat.


  • Quick Pizzas

What about assembling a pizza by using your skillet alone? Create a dough of white flour mixed with warm water and baking soda together with some Herbes de Provence. Top it with mushrooms, tomato slices, and bell pepper along with crumbled tofu and your kid is not likely to miss the gooey cheese as he gobbles it up at school.


  • Popcorn

You cannot go wrong with popcorn! However, be careful to prepare it at home using innovative toppings both sweet and salty and watch your kid waiting to open his lunch box at school every day in anticipation of the popcorn surprise.


You do not really have to think of milk when it comes to creating innovative snacks for your kid. Teach him to stick to dairy free snack items by eating home cooked food at school and you will be surprised to see how well your kid copes with it.


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My kids love pizzas and with the quick pizza idea I can easily make them pizzas for lunch at school
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Thanks Rupal for deciding to try it out.
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Every mom faces this daily challenge of packing wholesome snacks for the child at school. Great ideas ! would surely try out your quick pizzas for my daughter who is fond of pizzas.
sachin mehta's picture
I am planning to try the quick pizza tonight............
Anonymous's picture
A perfect way to keep allergies off the kids....
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A great piece for moms-in-a-hurry
Anonymous's picture
Definitely useful for moms like me...
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Its much better than the junk food kids have these days .........its even good for grown ups...
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apricot bars is interesting and healthy too...
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Great dairy free snack ideas
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These ideas are wonderful, please keep posting such links.
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good stuff!
Dairy Free Snack Ideas For School