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Alcohol Free Food: How to Buy Tips

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Alcohol Free FoodBeing plagued with alcohol allergy needs you to avoid food and beverages that contain the offending product. However, abstaining from liquor does not automatically translate as being safe. You also to need to adhere to alcohol free food items strictly while trying to prevent recurrence of the symptoms. Check out the tips given below as you learn how to buy foods completely devoid of alcohol.


How to Buy Alcohol Free Foods

  • Look carefully at all beverage products to ascertain there is no alcohol while you try to pick up something to drink at the neighborhood shopping destination. The wine and the hard liquor section becomes off limit for you without saying but you do need to look at the labels of fruit based drinks and desserts in order to save yourself from harm. Cider, punches and a host of flavored drinks do contain alcohol, albeit in small quantities and may cause health problems.

  • Cooking does not specifically destroy the alcohol and you need to be doubly careful before grabbing the biggest slice of Christmas cake or the delicious looking treacle pudding. Rum, sherry and whiskey are often added to the batter while baking and that makes it important for you to opt for the plainer variety automatically.

  • Meats are sometimes cooked with alcohol as well particularly gourmet dishes like the veal Marsala. Marinades and stews often contain alcohol in many forms making it important for you to question the nature of ingredients while eating out.

  • No-bake desserts are also prepared with a good amount of alcohol thrown in, especially the grasshopper pie which contains quite a substantial amount of crème-de-menthe and crème-de-cacao. Cold desserts and mousse dishes are likely to have alcohol too making it important for you to stick to homemade goodies  during Christmas and Thanksgiving.


It will not be essential for you to give up fruits on account of their sugar alcohol content. The substance does not contain ethanol, which is the offending allergen in case of alcohol allergy or intolerance. Learn to eat healthy and right by promising to buy only alcohol free food items henceforth and you are bound to feel on top of the world before too long.




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Alcohol Free Food: How To Buy Tips