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Gluten And Soy Free Food: How to Buy Tips

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Gluten and soy free food Food allergies and intolerances are rampant in today’s world making it necessary for us to avoid certain food products. Gluten and soy free food items are amongst the common products requested at food shops which is the primary reason behind the easy availability of such food products. Read on to learn how to search for food that is both gluten as well as soy free.


How to Buy Gluten And Soy Free Foods

  • Fresh vegetables are rich in nutrients which includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Moreover, they are absolutely free of gluten or soy making it essential for you to consume leafy greens as well as colored vegetables in adequate quantities. Frozen vegetables are not completely forbidden either. All you have to do is to read the labels carefully in order to ensure that the processed ingredient contains no additives or flavoring.

  • Fruits are another option that is likely to make you smile in delight. Bite into a crunchy berry or add the colorful berries to your glass of milk at breakfast and you are sure to gain energy to see you through the day. Frozen fruits are okay too, but do avoid the dried fruits which contain added sugar and may be contaminated with gluten or soy residues.

  • Rice, millets, and quinoa make excellent substitutes for the gluten-rich grains and can be added to smoothies, yogurts, and desserts apart from being consumed as breakfast cereals. They usually make good snacks when roasted or fried and may help you to keep healthy  by enhancing the nutrients in your body.

  • You are not expected to scrimp on meat, fish or poultry when you are trying to avoid soy and gluten. However, be sure to buy them fresh instead of opting for the ready-to-cook variety or the processed products that may be breaded or marinated.

  • Milk and its products are another option that can keep you healthy. Opt for the low fat variety and stock up on milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter. Do remember to shun flavored products as well as ready-to-eat desserts though. The thickeners often contain flour which is likely to cause trouble.


You do not really have to worry over much if you have to stay away from gluten and soy food products. Just educate yourself on the dos and donts and continue to tuck into your food with gusto.


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Gluten And Soy Free Food: How To Buy Tips