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Dairy Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Dairy Free Food Gifts

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Dairy free gifts

Dairy free gifts are ideal for your friends, especially when they have been diagnosed with milk allergy or lactose intolerance recently. It is likely that your friend is depressed and figuring out ways and means of including healthy, dairy free food in their daily regimen. You can certainly help by choosing the appropriate edible gifts for him. Do read on to find how you can bring a smile to your friend’s lips by presenting him with delectable edible gifts that are completely devoid of dairy products.


How to Choose Edible Dairy Free Gift Items

  • The easiest way would be to head straight for the vegan section. The foods on display there are not prepared with dairy products which automatically make it proper for your friend.


  • But wait a minute! What if the recipient loves his meats and fishes, not to speak of dairy products?  It is time to think hard once again and try to include as many non-dairy and/or dairy substitute food gifts in your basket.


  • A platter containing a delightful mix of nuts, fruits, and wholesome grains can be a great gifting idea as well. They can easily be placed in a basket or an attractive tray and transported without too much hassle.


  • An assortment of jams, jellies and other condiments which include relishes and pickles might well enliven the environment especially if your friend is tired of eating bland food without any hint of dairy products.


  • How about baking a nice and plump apple cake that is bound to cause your friend to squeal in delight. Not much labor involved there either. Just prepare a batter with apples, flour and eggs sprinkled with a handful of raisins and walnuts and bake it for an hour. Write the name of your recipient by sprinkling sugar painstakingly on the surface and your will surely be rewarded with a twinkle in your friend’s eyes.


  • You can of course opt for a collection of dairy free wines from the vegan section as a last resort. A handmade straw basket containing the choicest reds and whites tied securely with colorful ribbons is enough to set the house on fire.


 So go on and choose with care, making it a point to learn all about the art of selecting a dairy gift that will help you to say that you care.


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Dairy Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Dairy Free Food Gifts