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Lactose Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Lactose Free Food Gifts

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Lactose Free Gifts

With the incidence of lactose intolerance growing at an alarming rate, it has become necessary to learn about the foods that are prepared without any inclusion of milk as well as the fat contained within it. There is no dearth of lactose free gifts should you desire to present a hamper of foods to family members or friends suffering from the condition.  Check out the various tips given below and you will be sure of be able to choose the ideal gift for your friend.


How to Select Lactose Free Food Gift Items

  • A box of dark organic chocolates along with ginger flavored vegan delights and a collection of peppermint fondant prepared with glucose, sugar and water can make an excellent gift especially during the Yule Tide season.

  • A breadbox with its contents free of lactose is another way to show your concern and love. Be prepared for the look of surprise and delight as your family members or friends open the box and stare at the crunchy assortment of Macadamia nuts together with cashews and salted pistachios. Some Brazil nuts dipped in the dark decadent chocolate along with a bottle of organic honey is enough to strengthen the bond of love that you share.

  • Why not arrange for a Middle Eastern feast for your friend, giving him a taste of the exotic from the land of Arabian Nights? Stuffed grape vine leaves of Turkish origin along with the mouthwatering falafel mix can make your friend saucer eyed indeed! He will literally go speechless on eyeing the tahini dressing along with tabouleh replete with a bottle of virgin olive oil for drizzling on the goodies. Some Turkish delight or halva packed within a square gift box is a smart way to impress your friend.

  • A hamper basket holding a treasure trove of lactose free beverages will ensure that your friend remains satiated without the aid of alcohol, this Christmas. Each item from the blueberry smoothie to a carton of Chai tea and probiotic beverages in exotic flavors like the watermelon, black currant and cranberry is enough to make your friend cheer lustily.


There are numerous gifts that you could think of once you make up your mind to order lactose free gifts. Just close your eyes, allowing your imagination to soar, and you will be astounded to find choices galore. Go out and choose with care, delighting your friend in the process.






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Lactose Free Gifts: Tips To Choose Lactose Free Food Gifts