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Red Tea For Skin Care

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red tea for skin care


Do you know you can use red tea extract for you daily skin care? Besides its stamina-boosting quality, recent research has identified skin friendly quality of this herbal tea, and thankfully this skin caring tea is suitable for all skin types. Feeling interested? Read on further for learning red tea quick tips and add them into you daily skin care routine.





Red Tea For Skin Care

  • Red tea is packed with antioxidants, special enzymes like Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), and skin friendly vitamins like E, C, and A,  which is the secret behind its  anti-aging quality. Regular consumption of moderate quantity of red tea boosts immunity system and maintains youthful radiance of skin.  Topical use of red tea extract  is the easiest way to enjoy red tea skin benefits.
  • Red tea is rich in potential flavonoid like Quercetin, which is responsible for its anti-infection power. Use of this herbal tea at daily basis improves immunity and prevents onset of common skin diseases.
  • Red Tea does not have additives, caffeine, preservatives, and artificial colorants in its content. It is absolutely pure and natural. Raw red tea extract on skin works as anti-aging serum, and maintains skin elasticity and natural skin radiance.
  • Matatoshi Nakano, the Japanese scientist, has claimed in his research that if red tea is brewed/boiled for more than 10 minutes, its antioxidant content gets more powerful. Besides using red tea extract on skin, drinking hot red tea doubles its anti-aging impact.


Point of caution

  • According to the researchers, diabetic patients should never consume red tea, as the herbal tea can radically lower blood sugar levels.
  • According to latest study, red tea can cause a harmful contamination for expecting or lactating women, as the herb can harm both infants and the fetus.


Now drink hot red tea whenever you feel and be beautiful with red tea skin care remedies. Instaed of using raw extract, you can use red tea extract based skin products, we can assure, the result will be positive.








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Red Tea For Skin Care