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Herbal Tea For Skin Care

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Herbal tea skin benefits


Herbal teas are known for plenty of health benefits. But do you know you can use herbal tea for skin care too. Recent research has identified cosmetic qualities in herbal  teas as herbal tea extract can cure common skin problems.  Learn here easy herbal tea  remedies for daily skin care.




Herbal Tea Tips For Skin Care

  • Chamomile herbal tea is made of dry flowers of this plant; these flowers are known for their anti-inflammatory qualities. Application and consumption of chamomile tea  soothes allergic irritation, itchiness, and skin inflammation.
  • Licorice-based herbal tea helps in loosing fat; according to recent research, topical application of licorice extract  reduces cellulite and makes skin smooth and soft.
  • Application of herbal echinacea tea extract helps in managing skin inflammation. This tea extract cures bacterial and fungal skin diseases like acne, ring worm, athlete’s feet etc.
  • Local use of herbal peppermint extract soothes irritated skin and significantly  reduces irritations and rashes caused by hives, poison oak or poison ivy kind of skin allergies.
  • Ginger-based herbal tea with honey flushes out toxin and cures acne outbreak; direct application of raw ginger tea on pimple cures the lesions faster than normal course.

Point of caution

All herbal teas are known for certain side effects. Therefore, it is better to take prior permission from your doctor before drinking any herbal tea. However topical uses of herbal teas are mostly safe.


Now you are aware of herbal tea potential. Use of herbal tea on skin is safe and healthy. Next time when you will sip a cup of herbal tea remember its cosmetic quality too.



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Herbal Tea For Skin Care