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Chicken Soup For Cold Relief

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chicken soup for cold cure


Have you ever tried diet remedy  to treat cold snags? If not, try once with chicken soup. Sipping hot chicken soup for cold relief is an age-old home remedy as it brings instant relief to cold symptoms like blocked nose, headache, and watery eyes. Read here to know more about chicken soup to treat cold and flu.



Why chicken soup is prescribed for cold relief

Besides warmth and refreshing chickeny charm, hot chicken soup has some medicinal advantages too over cold infection. Chicken meat is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. For obvious reasons, consumption of chicken soup brings faster relief from flu symptoms. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory effect of chicken slows down the movement of immune system cells and pumps up the stamina level; the soup can clear nasal congestion promptly and reduces the intensity of headache and heaviness of head.

Nutritional Benefits for chicken soup

Chicken soup contains loads of minerals, vitamins, and proteins; spices that are commonly added to chicken soup like chili, garlic, and pepper serve as natural decongestant like any bottled cough medicine. If you are suffering from severe cold attack, you can prepare the best chicken soup for a cold relief by adding 15-20 drops of Tabasco sauce in it before serving. The immediate relief will take you on cloud nine.

Chicken Soup Trivia 

Chicken broth simmered for a short time is not that effective in comparison to slow-cooked hi-density broth. However, both homemade and canned variety of chicken soups are equally helpful, so canned soups can serve equally well in cold-crisis.

Now to battle sniffle and sneezing, you can completely rely on chicken soup for cold relief cure; enjoy tasty, piping hot chicken soup and get well soon from annoying cold flurry. 


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Chicken Soup For Cold Relief