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Casein Free Food: How to Buy Tips

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Casein Free Food

An innocuous milk protein may compel you to buy casein free food  especially if you have been diagnosed with dairy allergy. Since the offending allergen is not the sole constituent of milk, you might be perplexed about the products that are safe for you. Read on to discover the facts for yourself and choose the coveted food items confidently.


How to Buy Casein Free Foods

  • Learn to check the food labels carefully as the products that are right for you would have their ingredients listed clearly with the words “casein free”. You must also quell the urge to put butter, cream and yogurts into your shopping cart while avoiding food items marked as whey, evaporated milk and white chocolate. Alternate products in the form of soy and other vegetable proteins do exist but you are required to check them for words like ‘sodium caseinate’ which can be safely consumed by people who are lactose intolerant.

  • Opt for 100% natural foods and head for the fresh produces such as fruits and vegetables which can make you feel energetic. You can also stock up on meat and poultry along with a substantial quantity of eggs, forgetting about casein regulations for the time being.

  • Processed foodstuffs, toppings, garnishes, spreads and dressings are not really recommended for you as they are bound to contain the milk protein. Chewing gums are casein containing too which makes it taboo and various binding products, prepared with the allergen may make it impossible for you to include certain dairy products such as sourdough bread and hamburgers and in your diet as well.


Make it a point to include every kind of food in your meals and stock up on casein free food items whenever you find the time. This will certainly help you to gain an advantage over your allergy and make you enjoy life to the fullest.



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Casein Free Food: How To Buy Tips