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Soy Free Food: How to Buy Tips

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Soy Free FoodThe thought of buying soy free food products may not please the vegans but you do have to seek them out if you happen to be allergic to this protein rich product. Apart from the straightforward products labeled as soy, you also need to learn about the various terms used to denote its presence.  Read on for more details on how to pick up foods that do not contain soy in any form whatsoever.


How to Buy Soy Free Foods

  • It will be easy to avoid the soy products section if your supermarket seems to have one. However, the smaller shops do not normally dedicate an entire section to it and you have to read each label carefully while filling up your shopping cart. Wheat for instance would guarantee you a healthy return if it remains untainted. The word, “fortified”, however, is enough to set off alarm bells. It may well be soy that has been added to it in order to make it healthy. Simply drop it and proceed to the next item on your list. Likewise for cereals, cookies, and bread rolls.

  • Go on and shop to your heart’s content at the fresh food section and stock up on fruits and vegetables along with meat and poultry. However, you do need to exercise caution while opting for canned meat and fish products. Tuna preserved in a can, for instance, contains soy as do tofu, miso, and the majority of Asian food items.

  • A number of infant food formulas contain soy proteins as well and it would be best to avoid them if it is your child who happens to be allergic. A number of sauces and soups are flavored with soy too and you need to look the other way if you happen to spot the words, soy, soy protein, shoyu or shoyo on the products.  Vegetable protein, plant protein and hydrolyzed proteins are just another way of indicating the presence of soy, so avoid them too.

  • You can, however, try out soy oil as it does not contain the protein that happens to be the allergen. Opting for the natural food products be it vegetables, meat or dairy will undoubtedly be a wise move on your part especially if you want to get rid of soy from your daily diet.


Do try and buy the soy free food items from an organic or health shop if you are not too confident about your label reading skill. They may be a trifle expensive but can do wonders to your health even as you try to combat your allergy.


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Soy Free Food: How To Buy Tips