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The Myriad Benefits Of Garlic

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The Many Benefits Of Garlic

 Allium Sativum or garlic has been used for centuries in food and medicine for its numerous benefits and a distinctly pungent smell. This herb has been the subject of many scientific studies and all have come to the conclusion that garlic should certainly be part of the daily diet. This is the reason that it has a high nutrition rank of 88. In this blog let us explore what makes garlic so healthy and unique in its composition.


The Bulb:

The bulb consists of numerous bulblets known as 'cloves,' grouped together between the membraneous scales and enclosed within a whitish skin, which holds them in a sac.


Garlic Leaves:

The leaves are long, narrow and flat like grass. They are also known as 'garlic spears', 'stems', or 'tops' and have a milder taste than cloves. Garlic leaves are a popular vegetable in many parts of Asia, particularly China, Vietnam and Cambodia. The leaves are cut, cleaned and then stir-fried with eggs, meat or vegetables.


Important Constituents Of Garlic:


  • Garlic is an excellent source of manganese which helps in building bones and is needed for optimal function of body enzymes. Iron, calcium and selenium are also present in good amounts.
  • It is also a very good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C which are key to the upkeep of the immune system.
  • Allicin and the sulfur compounds in garlic are primarily responsible for garlic's potency as an antibiotic, anti viral and a fungicide. 
  • Carotene and zea-xanthin are the primary antioxidants in garlic that keep body cells healthy and decrease rate of aging. They also keep the immune system strong and keep infection at bay.


Health Benefits Of Garlic:


  • Respiratory conditions such as cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis are cured with garlic.
  • Garlic is also helpful in treatment of stomach ulcers and diarrhea due to its potent anti bacterial action.
  • Regular intake of this herb lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels keeping the heart healthy.
  • For diabetics, daily intake of garlic can help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.
  • The potent anti inflammatory chemicals that garlic contains is very helpful in the management of degenerative conditions like arthritis.
  • Recent scientific data has also suggested that regular intake of garlic aids in weight loss and keeps us from piling on extra pounds. 



Best Way To Get Its Health Benefits:


It is easily achieved by chopping or mincing the garlic clove prior to use. This helps activate the sulphur compounds that are responsible for all the goodness that garlic has to offer. 


 Garlic when taken fresh is truly medicinal. Make sure to use this wonderful herb everyday.


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The Myriad Benefits Of Garlic