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Beware Of Sodium Aka Salt!

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Beware Of Sodium Aka Salt!


I always believed and still do, that there is nothing in any ingredients as in “Salt”, the magic to perk up or mess up your favorite dish! The way salt can make your food taste better is just awesome! 

But did you know, as much as it adds taste to your food, salt also has ill effects packed with it? 

Researches and the modern health studies say that the average intake of salt per day has to be limited to less than one teaspoon. Now, that was alarming for me when I first read about it, but unfortunately, the truth has it all. 

What makes salt so bad for your health is the lurking Sodium. And worst of all, such traces of Sodium are present more in processed foods. As saying a complete no to those favorites like pickles, bacons, sausages, salami, salad dressings, cheese etc, limiting the intake is a better way to work it out. 


Using No Salt Substitutes Is A Good Idea! 

It’s always safe to pick processed packs that claim to be sodium-free, unsalted, low or even reduced sodium. 

Also, while cooking, replace the amount of salt used by tomatoes, tamarind etc, so that a little sacrifice on tasty food can gift you good health! 

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Radzie I think one the greatest health concern in the US, Europe, Asia and India is the over consumption of salt. I know salt is used as a preservative for pickles and such, but it is far better to limit the intake of these salted items. I rarely use salt as I much prefer giving food it's flavour from garlic, chiles, herbs, spices as it is much healthier. Never salt before tasting! Granted some foods like eggs or potatoes need some salt but don't over do it. So many foods naturally contain salt/sodium. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I never knew it, but now that I have started to limit it, yes I feel I am much on the safer side. :)
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At first a person will "think" they miss salt, but soon your palate adjusts and you think food in restaurants is too salty. I cut way back on using salt about 20 years ago when my mom had a heart attack and she was put on a VERY salt-free diet. I think it is good to prevent many problems of over consumption of sodium early before it happens. Training children not to crave salty things is good too! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I agree with Mary-Anne. I have stopped buying salted chips, peanuts n all other salted nuts. Also I always check sodiums levels on all nutrition labels. Slowly but surely we can shift from salty to un-salted or low sodium/reduced sodium products.
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To not let the taste suffer, we can even substitute salt with tamarinds, tomatoes and stuff like that. Yes, but it is true that even these can't lend the food as tasty as salt can make it! :)
Beware Of Sodium Aka Salt!