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Vegetable Broth Health Benefits

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I am sure that many of you might have prepared vegetable broth at some point in the life. But very rarely do people think of vegetable broth health benefits. According to me vegetable broth benefits are enormous, in comparison with other broths. One of the primary reasons for making such a statement is that vegetable broth can be consumed by everyone. People of all taste preferences find it useful and palatable. The vegetable broth benefits can be maximized by preparing it at home because the broth purchased from market is either high in sodium or is laced with different kinds of chemical and artificial flavorings.


Vegetable broth can be easily prepared at home by chopping vegetables, and boiling them with lots of water.  First I boil the vegetables very quickly, and then simmer them for another hour. This will help to extract more flavor out of vegetables, but it is not advisable to simmer for another hour because overheat may cause harm to vegetables. After boiling the vegetables, I strain them through straining device, and preserve the broth. The vegetable broth serves base for many soups, stews, casseroles, etc.


As I said before people are largely ignorant about vegetable broth health benefits. According to me some of the pronounced vegetable broth health benefits include:


  • Low in Calories: All the solid residues are strained off the vegetable broth before preserving it. Therefore, the broth is low in calories. Also, serve fewer calories than other meat based ingredients (read bones) used regularly in the preparation of meat broths.


  • Stress Busters: Some vegetable broths prepared using vegetables like gazpacho, which have high vitamin C content are known to act as stress busters. The vitamin C content of the vegetable is known to work effectively in curbing the activities of stress producing molecules. Vitamin C is enriched with important antioxidants, which halts the flow of free radicals through the body. The high vitamin content of such vegetables also save from oxidative stress.


  • Weight Management: Vegetable broth is usually not consumed as a standalone dish, and it is mostly added to some foods or served with lots of other ingredients like bread, etc. The vegetable broth aids in weight management by serving low calories and high nutrients. When used as a base in the preparation of soups, stews, etc, it can actually boost its nutritive value.


  • Added Benefits: Different types of spice flavorings are added to the vegetable broth to enhance the flavor of broth and to increase its health benefits. Some of the flavoring spices like dried ginger can actually boost the health benefits. If you choose to add a fresh ginger, then you tend to gain health benefits in form of an improved immune system. The vegetable broth recipes vary largely depending on the taste preferences of the user, similarly its health benefits also largely vary depending on the choice of flavoring ingredients.


I feel that it will be difficult to limit the vegetable broth health benefits to a single blog. I hope that most of you would not hesitate to make vegetable broth an integral part of your diet routine. To know more about vegetable broth, and it’s various uses please visit:


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Vegetable Broth Health Benefits