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Potato Broth Health Benefits

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553003-potato-broth-health-benefits.jpgw510h382To experience potato broth health benefits, it is always best to prepare it at home. Homemade potato broth is easier to prepare and is healthful than any canned potato broth that you purchase from market. Potato broth can be prepared by cooking the potato peels with water, garlic, salt and pepper.


Homemade Potato Broth is very economical, useful and very plain and it tastes better than canned broths, which taste more like salt water and are rarely nutritious. Homemade potato broth can be added to food preparations like soups, stews, sauces, etc. If you are trying to eat sensibly then add potato broth to all those savory dishes which are cooked with fatty broth or stock bases.

Many people might have consumed this broth knowingly or unknowingly as a part of dish, but they are largely unaware of potato broth health benefits. Some of the largely or relatively unknown potato broth health benefits include:


  • Lowering blood pressure: The scientists at Institute for Food Research have identified that potatoes contain kukoamines, which are blood pressure lowering compounds.  The potato broth encapsulates all goodness of potatoes. This means savoring foods enriched with potato broth will help to lower blood pressure.


  • Relieve from Inflammation: Potatoes are enriched with loads of minerals like potassium, and vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin C, which work against various kinds of inflammations. Potato and potato based products such as potato soup, potato broth is usually recommended to curb the severity of intestinal inflammations. Potato broth is a clear liquid, and is very light, and free from any sort of hurting ingredients, so it is also recommended to people with mouth ulcers.


  • Regulates Brain Health: The functioning of brain largely depends on factors like proper oxygen supply, magnesium, level of glucose, and it is also influenced with fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, etc. Potatoes serve all these requirements with elan. There having a potato broth is surely going to enrich you with many nutrients and it will also help in regulating the bodily functions.


  • Improve Athletic Performance: Vitamin B6 is necessary for the disintegration of glycogen. Glycogen is stored in our liver and muscle cells, and aid in boosting the endurance and athletic performance. Potato broth is enriched with vitamin B6, which aids in boosting the athletic performance and endurance. This means all those aspiring athletes who want to improve their athletic performance and replenish their stores of vitamin B6, can try consuming foods enriched with potato broth or they can consume this broth as a standalone food item.


  • Skin Care: Skin care is one of the most effective amongst various potato broth benefits. Also, it comes across as one of the least known amongst other potato broth health benefits.  Potatoes are loaded with minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and zinc, which are well-known for their skin nourishing actions. Consuming foods prepared with potato broth will definitely help in skin care.


The above mentioned are only handful of all potato broth benefits, and you can gain more from it when you make it a part of the diet routine.


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Potato Broth Health Benefits