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Gluten Free Breakfast

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The mere thought of preparing a gluten free breakfast is likely to leave you worried. After all, how can the first meal of the day be complete without the ubiquitous toast and cereal? Don't worry, there are ways and means to provide your body with adequate nutrition in spite of having been diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease which makes you unable to consume wheat. Just read on to find a couple of gluten free breakfast ideas which can be modified considerably in order to suit your taste. Here goes…



  1. Fruit Smoothie

Pick up some milk, a few strawberries and a banana and whisk it all together by means of a blender. Sip on this nutritious food as you get ready to prepare the next breakfast item. Feel free to substitute regular milk with almond or rice milk if so inclined.


  1. Cereal

Now comes the tricky part? How will you be able to sustain yourself throughout the day without the beneficial cereal. But what about the gluten content? Oats may be your answer. But why take additional risk? Opt for buckwheat or quinoa instead and you will find yourself tasting an exotic porridge that will be enough to satiate the adventurer in you.


  1. Fadge

So what if you can’t even look at bread without feeling sick? Look forward at the exciting alternative that you have. Bake some Fadge or the traditional Irish potato bread with mashed potatoes and gluten free flour kneaded into a dough with the help of olive oil. Simply heat a griddle and proceed to bake the traditional treat which is bound to give the white bread and butter a run for its money.


  1. Omelet

Break a couple of eggs and whisk it along with mushroom, tomato slices and bell pepper. Make yourself a golden omelet and give your body its fill of protein for the day. You can also add a sprinkling of cheese in order to make it even more delicious.


  1. Orange Juice & Coffee

These are the conventional drinks associated with breakfast since time immemorial. Squeeze some fresh juice instead of resorting to the canned or packaged variety which might contain gluten in the form of preservatives. Combine it with some decaf coffee and you will be stimulated enough to get going.


Take stock of your larder before you decide to raid the local grocery store for gluten free breakfast items. Innovate and experiment to your heart’s content and you are certain to beat your condition.


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Gluten Free Breakfast