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Wheat Free Desserts

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Wheat free dessertWheat free desserts are not that difficult to obtain if you set your mind to it. We, usually, link cakes and other flour based-confections with dessert items, which automatically becomes worrisome once we are diagnosed with wheat allergy and have to avoid them. However, there are numerous alternatives to the commonplace cakes and cookies. Think fruit! Think milk and cream and you will be able to appreciate the vast array of desserts that can be made without having to go near the wheat flour even once. You can also buy the commercially available wheat free dessert items if you so fancy. But the best bet would be to prepare them yourself. Read on for details…


  • Orange & Clementine Jelly

Satiate your sweet tooth by indulging in a jelly served in moulds that contains orange liqueur and Cointreau. Replace the liqueur with Clementine juice for your kids and proceed according to the recipe which involves mixing the liquids thoroughly with gelatin and allowing them to chill after adding peeled and sliced clementines. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint as you will soon be busy with the lip smacking dessert.


  • Coconut Cream Custard

Blend a mixture of sugar and egg yolks thoroughly and add cream along with some coconut cream to it. Heat over low flame by stirring and cool after adding some Cointreau to it. Garnish with nuts and glazed cherries and you are in for a treat.


  • Currant-Rice Delight

Prepare yourself for a surprise! It’s rice pudding with a twist. The steps are simple enough and the only thing you need to do is to stir in eggs and vanilla extract into the hot pudding and bake it after sprinkling a handful of sweet blackcurrants all over it. Prepare a meringue casing for your dessert by beating egg whites with caster sugar and layer it on the pudding top before proceeding to bake it for half an hour. Serve yourself with a slice of the warm pudding and you will never find the time to lament the wheat based cakes.


  • Raspberry-Peach Crisp

Try mixing raspberries and peach slices along with palm sugar, butter, oats, and rice flour. You can also use some gluten free or wheat free all-purpose flour if you are convinced about its authenticity. Lemon zest, cinnamon powder, and some xantham gum also needs to go into the mixture which is then baked to perfection until it attains a golden hue. Serve yourself with a bowl of vanilla ice cream along with the delicious crisp and you are likely to be transported to another world altogether.


Go on ahead and indulge in some experimentation. Have a field day baking, chilling, and mixing an assortment of wheat free recipes. Bon Appétit!


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Wheat Free Desserts