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Alcohol Free Drinks

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Alcohol free drinks Alcohol free drinks are not such a rarity even though you may question the wisdom behind it. However, it is not always the teetotaler who shies away from alcohol, the ones diagnosed with alcohol intolerance or allergy may also have to refrain from liquor in all forms. But how can you identify such drinks especially when you find yourself staring at a list of names that seem to signify nothing. Read on and you will soon come to know more without having to nurse a fruit juice or a coke at every party that you attend.


  1. Crystal Light

The branded drink is certain to light up your eyes as you spy it on the bartender’s table. Just grab the product you fancy and you do have a wide range of choice here. From the refreshment series to the tea series and the enhanced energy products you are likely to find it difficult to stick to one particular product.


  1. Faux Kir

A non-alcoholic version of the reputed drink that will make you reach out for it without any thought. Drink up the delicious concoction of raspberry syrup and white grape juice and simply hold out your glass for a refill.


  1. Cinders

An alcoholic free beverage that is dressed up to look like a traditional cocktail. Find yourself appreciating the taste as you sip on the blend of pineapple and lime juice that has been topped up with soda along with a few drops of Angostura bitters. A garnish of colorful citrus fruit adorning the surface will have people eyeing it even as you enjoy your mocktail to the hilt.


  1. Coke & Drops

A relatively easy recipe that only requires you to squeeze seven drops of lime juice into your glass of coca cola. Drink up and remain steady even as you watch your friends succumbing to the effects of too much alcohol.


  1. Punchless Colada

Usher in the holiday mood by treating yourself to a tropical mocktail. Add a measure of passion fruit juice and coconut cream to lime juice and pour into a Collins glass topping it up with crushed ice. Garnish the surface with a cherry and a wedge of lime and spend a leisurely weekend sipping it slowly.


There is really no dearth of recipes when it comes to alcohol free drinks. Create your own mocktails and have the time of your life enjoying a drinking session sans alcohol.


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Alcohol Free Drinks