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Top 5 Dairy Free Desserts

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Dairy Free Desserts


Dairy free desserts become a necessity when your body cannot digest the milk constituents. However, this need not leave you craving for more sweets in your life or make you move earth and heaven to find a solution to your problem. Read on to find a number of dairy free dessert ideas and satiate your sweet tooth no matter, if you are allergic to milk or just cannot tolerate lactose.


  1. Apple Strudel

A wonderful baked concoction of vegan puffed pastries filled with apple slices and apple butter with a cinnamon dusting. Feel free to add some readily available vegan frosting and you are ready to polish off your plate.


  1. Blueberry Bars

Baking a layer of oats  mixed with salt and brown sugar and aptly greased with margarine is easy enough. All you need to do next is to fill a saucepan with blueberries and cook them with cornstarch and sugar along with a drop of tart lime juice. Add the filling to the crusty baked layer and get set to dig into your delicious dessert.


  1. Cherry Crisps

Pop a dish into your oven after filling it with sweet cherries, flour and almond extracts. Add  enough sugar ad margarine to it and viola! You are ready to taste one of the most nutritious and delicious crisps ever. What more! It’s completely dairy free too!


  1. Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding

The idea of giving up puddings making you desolate? Fret not, help is here! Simply blend rice milk with sugar and salt, stir in some cornstarch and melted dark chocolate, and simmer on low heat for a few minutes. Fill a bowl with it and allow it to cool. Serve it to yourself and savor the delightful pudding. Chill it and have it again, the next morning.


  1. Sweet Potato Dessert

Add grated sweet potatoes to a pan full of rice and coconut milk and heat it on low flame. Sweeten it with honey or maple syrup and use ginger flakes and cinnamon powder for flavor. Some sea salt and black pepper will add just the right amount of zing. Stir until thick, the remove from heat and go for it!


There are millions and millions of recipes that you can tryout. Put on your creative hat and conjure up dairy free desserts that are bound to leave your guests spellbound while satiating you like never before.


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Top 5 Dairy Free Desserts