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Dairy Free Meals - Dairy Free Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Ideas

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Dairy Free Food

Dairy free meals become a necessity when your body refuses to tolerate dairy products including milk - the complete food. Even if you give up consuming milk there are numerous products which are prepared from it and you will astounded to see that even gravies and main dishes contain dairy products, more often than not. So what should you do now? Will it be wise to give up all delicacies and reconcile yourself to bland and tasteless fare for the rest of your life? Certainly not! Just take a look at the food items that can constitute a dairy free meal and you are apt to forget all your sorrows about having to give up dairy products.


Dairy Free Breakfast

  • Crisp toasts spread evenly with organic margarine and homemade cranberry jam.
  • A couple of boiled eggs or hash browns grilled until brown.
  • A bowl full of quinoa or couscous cereal will give you the adequate amount of fiber that your body needs.
  • A whole fruit and a glass of soymilk or a cup of green tea is certain to take care of your appetite early in the morning.


Dairy Free Lunch

  • A bowl of steaming vegetable soup or chicken soup can help you look forward to the other delicacies on their way. However, be careful not to add any butter, or milk based thickener to the soup.
  • An assortment of sandwiches with ham, chicken and egg fillings without any butter added to it. You can definitely opt for mustard or soy butter if you feel just the bread and filling combination to be too dry.
  • A large platter of green salad sans the dressing. Use a few drops of limejuice on it instead and just notice the difference it makes.
  • Fresh fruits and soy yogurt or tofu can certainly help you satiate your urge for desserts and winding it all up with a cup of green tea or flavored soymilk is certainly bound to leave you happy and full.


Dairy Free Dinner

  • Tomato and bread salad served with Dijon mustard dressing or cider vinegar.
  • Grilled pork chops or broiled fish.
  • Roasted potatoes with thyme.
  • Oatmeal and raisin cookies or a fruit crumble for dessert can help you stay healthy and fit without the aid of milk and other dairy products.


Nibbling on health bars which contain oatmeal, granola as well as fresh fruits and nuts in between meals can help you live a carefree and long life despite shunning dairy products. The choices are numerous and all you have to do is to choose wisely in order to plan your dairy free meals, every day of the year. 


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Dairy Free Meals - Dairy Free Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Ideas