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Caramel Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure

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CaramelCaramel allergy is something that will certainly make you go awww… After all, you do enjoy the sweet hard candies and the burnt custards, puddings along with all those delicious treacle and mouth watering pop corns encrusted in caramel. Now wait a minute, before you jump to conclusions. Let us go through the causes and arrive at the solution. Read on for details.


Reasons for Caramel Allergy

Certain substances within the caramel may make you feel queasy on ingestion. This happens when your body rejects the substances outright and tries to get rid of them by unleashing histamine, a chemical as well as a specific antibody known as IgE which binds the allergen. However, you will often find that you develop the symptoms on consuming commercial products that are topped or coated with caramel. The home-made variety is usually safe unless you are allergic to sugar itself. The caramel coloring, on the other hand, may be sourced from corn, dextrose, lactose or barley each of them being known as allergens. You have to get yourself tested in order to identify the offending product. 


Caramel Allergy Symptoms

  • Skin hives and eczema patches along with itching.
  • Common cold like symptoms with sneezing, runny nose and rheumy eyes.
  • Breathing trouble which can turn into asthma with noticeable wheezing.
  • Inflammation and puffiness of the facial tissue.
  • Insomnia and severe headaches that can result in migraines.
  • Digestive problems with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Severe life threatening symptoms are known as anaphylaxis and can cause the blood pressure to drop suddenly with the patient losing consciousness.


Treating Caramel Allergy Symptoms

  • Avoiding caramel coloring in all products is essential if you have been diagnosed with the condition. You are also advised to get a thorough allergy test done in order to identify the offending substance. Avoiding all preparations containing  the source substance is the next step to prevent recurrence.
  • Antihistamines can help you to eliminate the mild allergic problems including the skin rashes, breathing distress and digestive disorders.
  • Anaphylaxis requires medical attention and you will be advised to carry an Epi-pen around so that you can administer the epinephrine shots yourself.


Educate yourself about caramel allergy and you will find that you can safely tuck into the delectable desserts and confections by taking a few precautions. Now, isn’t that good news?


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Caramel Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure