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Healthy Meat Meals

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551717-meat-ball-and-vermicelli-soup.jpgw468Meat is a fabulous source of high quality protein, which no  vegetarian food can provide. Healthy meat meals also contain essential amino acids that our body requires in order to regulate the way it works. Presence of iron and phosphorous makes meat a very important supplement in your healthy diet program. Check out for some healthy meat dishes listed below.




·         Meat Ball and Vermicelli Soup – rich and tasty meat delicacy where noodles, ground pork, pepper, beef broth, and scallions are cooked together with soy sauce and served hot. Pork meat in the dish provides all vitamins and minerals required by your body for good health along with iron, zinc and phosphorus.




·         Frozen Beef appetizer -  exquisite delicacy prepared from eggs, bread crumbs, celery, onions, carrots, and ground beef. Perfect blend of meat, vegetables and egg makes the dish a rich source of Vitamin A, iron and other minerals. Women can add the dish to their diet in order to meet their iron requirement without supplements.


Main Dishes

·         Mexican Minced Meat Dish - yummy meat dish consisting of ground beef, pork, onions, green pepper, garlic, tomatoes, raisins, and pine nuts. Pine nuts used in the dish are an excellent source of vitamin, manganese, copper, and potassium.

·         Hot Meat Dish - amazingly tempting healthy meat meal featuring ground beef, cream of chicken soup, milk, and croutons. Chicken soup in this palate soothing item not only adds flavor to the dish but it also helps in treating the symptoms of common cold and related conditions.Meat dessert served as a part of meals



·         Kipper Soufflé - addictive meat dessert prepared from kipper, flour, egg, milk, and pepper. Presence of egg in this mesmerizing dish makes it great for your eyes as it lowers the risk of cataracts.

Try out these healthy meat meals and enjoy!!


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Healthy Meat Meals