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Healthy Fish Meals

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Healthy fish meal - fish stewHealthy fish meals are high protein, low fat food which can perfectly fit in your every day healthy diet option. Omega-3 fatty acid present in fish oil is an essential nutrient, required in significant amount, by human body. Regular consumption of fish reduces the risk of several diseases like asthma, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Here are some healthy and delicious fish dishes that you can try and enjoy.


Healthy fish breakfast:


·         Mediterranean fish stew with garlic - sumptuous fish delicacy featuring onions, garlic, tomato puree, fresh tomatoes, white wine, parsley, prawns and skinless halibut fillets. The nutritional value per serving in this glorious dish is 411calories, 39g protein, 3g fiber, 8g sugar and 28g carbohydrate. This can be had with buns.


Lunch and dinner menu options:


·         Green Spice Fish with Stuffed Peppers - exquisite delicacy with typical coastal flavor prepared from yellow gram or moong dal, red pepper, onions, skinless fillets firm white fish, coriander leaves, coconut, lime juice, mint leaves and garlic. 532k calories, 41.7g protein, 37g carbohydrates, 25.2 g fat and 9.3g fiber makes the dish perfect even for diet conscious people.

·         Fish Parcel with Tomatoes and Capers - white fish fillets, cherry tomatoes, tarragon, shallots, and white vinegar are baked together  551602-spicy-grilled-tuna-served-as-a-healthy-meal.jpg1297065064making it a healthy fish meal with 242k calories, 28.7g protein, 1.33g fiber and 3.9g carbohydrates per serving.

·         Caribbean Spicy Grilled Tuna- healthy and filling dish consisting of ginger root, tuna fillets, lemon juice and spices like cumin, coriander and pepper. This palate soothing delicacy contains 256kcalories, 15g fat, 42mg cholesterol and 25g protein.




·         Rosti-topped Fish Pie - mouth savoring fish pie where potatoes, fillets, milk, butter, parsley are cooked, baked and refrigerated before they are served. This amazingly tempting dish contains 533 calories, 34g protein, 15g saturated fat, 10g sugar and 4g fiber.


Enjoy the above healthy fish meals and feel free to share your feelings with us!!


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Healthy Fish Meals