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Healthy Beef meals

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Beef stew makes a healthy lunch optionWhether you plan a party, lunch or dinner, healthy beef meals are loved by all.  Such meals have abundant amount of nutrients required to grow, be strong and healthy. Presence of protein, zinc, iron, and phosphorous in beef makes it the perfect food supplement that contributes optimal growth, cognitive functions and also prevents iron deficiency. Here are some tasty and healthy beef delicacies that will bring cheer to the table.




·         Basic Beef Starter - rich and tasty dish prepared from ground beef, onions, cloves, chili sauce, and onion soup. All the ingredients in the irresistible dish are mixed together baked in Dutch oven and served hot. Each serving contains 267 g of calories, 13g fat, 819mg sodium, 1g fiber and 16g protein.


Lunch and dinner options:


·         Healthy Crockpot Beef stew - perfect blend of beef, flour, pepper, red wine, beef broth, green beans, onion and garlic makes the dish amazingly tempting and nutritious. This healthy beef meal contains 516 calorie, 29.6g fat and 101mg cholesterol.

·         Healthy Braised Beef Pot Roast -mouth watering beef dish where marinated beef chucks are cooked along with onions, carrots, celery, red wine, thyme and beef stock. It is a high protein beef dish and is served along with steamed rice and crust bread. The dish contains 220 calories, 9g fat, 91mg cholesterol and 264mg sodium.Hot beef sundae served as a dessert




·         Hot tomato beef drink - delicious beverage, famous for its incredible flavor and nutritional value, ingredients used in the dish are tomato juice, beef bouillon, hot sauce and lemon slices.



·         Hot Beef Sundae - palate soothing, easy and simple dish prepared with cheese, cherry, sour cream, fully cooked beef and mashed potatoes and ice cream scoops. This savory delight contains 478 calories, 18g fat, 106mg cholesterol and 38g protein.

Hope you will enjoy healthy beef meals listed above!


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Healthy Beef Meals