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Radish Medicinal Uses

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Radish Medicinal Uses -- RadishesRadish, the zesty, healthy cruciferous vegetable that forms a staple part of most Japanese and Korean cuisines packs in enormous nutritional value. Widely consumed and enjoyed, radish medicinal uses have been widely hailed by nutritionists and naturopaths alike. This crunchy, mildly pungent veggie is not only scrumptious, but also contains a good percentage of fiber, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, copper, and a slew of other essential nutrients. Also being an anti-inflammatory food, radish helps the body to battle underlying allergies and infections. What’s more, radish is deemed as the natural drug for liver, gallbladder, indigestion, blood pressure, and even cholesterol. Explore the medicinal uses of radish in the write-up below.


Benefits Of Radish

  • Radish not only helps to keep your liver and stomach in top-notch condition, but also   helps to detoxify your system.
  • What more, this pungent veggie helps to check the production of bilirubin and avert the obliteration of red blood cells during jaundice by pumping in fresh oxygen to the system.
  • Being a rich source of fiber, radish helps to bolster digestion, cure constipation, eradicate water retention, and palliate piles.
  • Radishes are excellent for the kidneys. Being a diuretic, dieting on radish would help you to overcome urinary thrush and inflammation, UTI, and produce more urine.
  • Radish is the best veggie for weight-watchers. Low in fats and digestible carbohydrates, radish always makes for low-ca healthy snack option.


Other Medicinal Uses Of Radish

  • The anti-carcinogenic compounds in radish make it an effective dietary component to thwart of the risk of different types of cancer.
  • Radish is good for your skin too. Loaded with Vitamin-C, vitamin-B complex phosphorus, and zinc, eating radish salad every day will help to boost your skin health, cure cracks and rashes as well as avoid drying up of the skin.
  • Radish juice can be used to treat bee stings and insect bites. Not only does it help to allay pain and inflammation, but helps to soothe skin as well.


Side Effects Of Radish

  • Although radish is safe for consumption, eating it in large quantities will indefinitely irritate the digestive tract.
  • People with gallbladder stones should avoid consuming radish.


Radishes are extremely healthy and incorporating them in your everyday meals can do wonders for your health.


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Radish Medicinal Uses