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Avocado Medicinal Uses

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Avocado Medicinal Benefits -- AvocadosAvocados may be infamous for their high fat content, but this tropical fruit  boasts of high fiber and potassium. Besides, avocado medicinal uses have gained immense popularity. They are also favored by naturopaths to tackle a host of conditions. Apart from leaving your hair and skin super-soft and supple, avocados helps to slash down high blood pressure, avert the risk of cancer and boost cardio health. Being a potent source of monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and an amazing array of B vitamins, avocados always makes for a healthy food choice. Just scoop out the flesh, add some tomatoes, limejuice, jalapeno, and you have a tasty, healthy guacamole that would appease both your palate and health. To know more on the medicinal uses of avocados, scroll down.


Benefits Of Avocados

  • Fondly dubbed as Mother Nature’s skin moisturizer, avocados work wonders for one skin, when applied topically or eaten. It not only helps to improve complexion, but also leaves you skin feeling more soft, supple and radiant.
  • Of all the surprising health benefits that this buttery green fruit packs in, avocados are deemed as the best foe of bad cholesterol. The high monounsaturated fat content and presence of beta-sitosterol in this fruit helps to lower LDL-cholesterol and improve HDL- levels in the body.
  • Also being a rich source of magnesium, eating avocado soup everyday will boost your bone and organ health, facilitate muscle contraction and relaxation, overcome anxiety, and normalize heartbeat.


Other Medicinal Uses Of Avocados

  • If you have offensive breath, the gorging on this buttery nut fruit can save you from all woes.
  • Consumption of avocados is good for those suffering from psoriasis and bad breath. Avocados help to eliminate intestinal putrefactions that are deemed as the main cause behind bad breath.
  • Avocados are packed with powerful antioxidants that not only help to boost body immunity but also delay ageing.


Side Effects Of Avocado

  • The biggest drawback of avocados is their high fat content. Though, this fat is good fat – it is calories nevertheless, which makes it so unpopular among weight-watchers.
  • Apart from this, avocados can trigger allergic reactions in some cases, leading to skin outbreaks, vomiting, urticaria, and more.


All in all, avocados are healthy fruits that offers optimum health benefits. However, it’s best to consume this fruit in moderation as excessive bingeing might leave you weighing a few extra pounds.


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Avocado Medicinal Uses