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Blue Cheese Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure

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Blue Cheese

Blue cheese allergy is a condition that has puzzled food experts quite a bit. The unique gourmet cheese with a mottled appearance can cause your body to swell up making you feel extremely uncomfortable and panicky. There is not much cause to worry though! All you have to do is to find out the facts about this allergy and continue leading a normal life after taking the necessary precautions.


Reasons for Blue Cheese Allergy

There root of the problem is dual in nature. Blue cheese is a dairy product and can trigger off allergic symptoms if your body creates anybodies to counteract the milk allergens. Likewise, the pretty blue coloring on the surface of the cheese is obtained from mold which may well be responsible for your symptoms as well. The immunoglobulin E that is created with the specific intention of destroying the allergen also stimulates the secretion of histamine, the substance directly linked with the symptoms of allergy.


Blue Cheese Allergy Symptoms

  • Common cold like symptoms which include a runny nose and watering of the eyes.
  • Shortness of breath and wheezing that may result in asthma.
  • Vomiting, indigestion and diarrhea.
  • Skin rashes that lead to hives and patches of eczema.
  • Persistent coughing bouts and nasal congestion including hoarseness of the throat and difficulty in swallowing.


Treating Blue Cheese Allergy Symptoms

  • Abstaining from blue cheese is no doubt essential when you have been diagnosed with the condition but you also need to trace the source. Consult with your doctor and discontinue milk and dairy products if you are allergic to it. You also need to give up consuming aged cheese, dry fruits, mushrooms, and beer if you identify mold at the root of your discomfort.
  • Anti histamine drugs can successfully alleviate the mild symptoms while medication for asthma goes a long way in relieving respiratory distress.
  • Topical application of skin lotions can eliminate the eczema and hives satisfactorily too.
  • Severe conditions need medical care and doctors rely on epinephrine injections to cure the symptoms.


Get yourself tested if you suspect that you have blue cheese allergy and you definitely lead a normal and successful life unhampered by your condition.


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Blue Cheese Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure