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Black Pepper Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure

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Black pepper corns

Black pepper allergy is not widely recognized; however, they exist and people often overlook the condition due to the insignificant amount of the condiment used in food preparation. The allergy symptoms become more evident when an individual consumes black pepper corns or the cracked corns instead of the powdered form. Find out more about the oft-overlooked allergy by reading about it.


Reasons for Black Pepper Allergy

The pepper proteins are identified as harmful allergens by our body and the body tries to eliminate them by releasing histamine, a chemical responsible for triggering certain symptoms which can vary from being mildly uncomfortable to serious life threatening ones. You are also likely to be allergic to white pepper if you cannot tolerate the black variety without experiencing the allergic symptoms.


Black Pepper Allergy Symptoms

  • Itchiness around the lips, on the tongue and back of the throat.
  • Inflammation of tongue and throat which may hamper the act of swallowing.
  • Skin hives and eczema patches all over the body.
  • Persistent cough is a typical symptom associated with pepper allergy.
  • Runny nose and watering of the eyes.
  • Vomiting, indigestion and stomach cramps


Treating Black Pepper Allergy

  • Avoiding black pepper in all forms is necessary to prevent recurrence of the allergy.
  • Anti histamines can be obtained from a chemist’s shop without any prescription which helps to eliminate the common cold like symptoms.
  • Skin lotions and medicated creams can alleviate the skin problems satisfactorily.
  • Severe reactions need epinephrine injections with the patients requiring medical intervention.


The good news is that you can enjoy all your favorite dishes even if you have been diagnosed with black pepper allergy. Just omit seasoning them with pepper and you can safely tuck into your favorite delicacies.


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Anonymous's picture
One of my relatives has black pepper allergy and some times it becomes really critical. It is better to avoid black pepper, if someone is allergetic to it.
priyam's picture
Didn't know that black pepper could cause allergies... thanks for the information...definitely useful...
Samina.Tapia's picture
I always thought that black pepper was very good for health and had several health benefits. Dont know anyone who is allergic to black pepper.
chockyfoodie's picture
I never had an idea that even pepper can make you allergic. I am fond of it and my heart goes to all those who are allergic to it.
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
Even I never knew that black pepper can be so allergic. I use in my daily cooking for its health benefits.... Thanks for this informative blog making me aware of the allergies.
Anonymous's picture
Hello, thanks for this post. I am allergic to black pepper and have developed it recently. I don't know the reason. I get a bad headache whenever there is an allergic reaction. But it seems black pepper is good for the respiratory system and as I am susceptible to bronchial ailments,I do have to include it in my diet at times, though in very moderate amounts.
thot4food's picture
Hi, thanks for reading the blog. It would be best to avoid black pepper if you are allergic to it.
Anonymous's picture
Never heard that pepper can be allergic to someone..I'm sure it's quite an astonishing and informative info for many of us....
Anonymous's picture
All I have heard is the health benefits of black pepper, good that I can across this blog. Maybe it would help someday. But is black pepper allergy life threatening?
chefgirishparab's picture
Thanks for sharing such a useful info. I never knew that black pepper can allergic.
foodietweetie's picture
Thank god I dont really like the black pepper for its sharp flavor, but still i'll take care while adding it to my foods. BTW can you please inform about the suspectible persons to whom this allergy may affect?
det. Bec's picture
I don't know anyone else who has a pepper allergy so I can't really provide much information on susceptible people in general, but I am generally quite sensitive - my skin reacts badly to a lot of things, I get eczema, I'm lactose intolerant and I catch colds quite frequently. Pepper allergy is just another one of those things my immune system stuffs up lol
oatmeal's picture
I love black pepper, but I was not aware of this. Thanks for sharing the info!
delicious.bites's picture
Pretty informative...keep writing such stuff:)
FitGal's picture
Black pepper is one of the most useful spices. Does anybody know how to use black pepper in drinks?
Gourmet.lover's picture
Really really informative...thanks for sharing
Deez's picture
Very informative post. Thanks! However, there a seasoning that we can perhaps substitute for black pepper?
barbecue's picture
pepper is an essential seasoning ingredient, great info!
det. Bec's picture
I'm allergic to black pepper and get the bad headache within minutes of eating it as well as the itching, burning sensation around my mouth. I once stopped breathing from accidentally ingesting a "chunk" of pepper on a takeout pizza. It sucks because pepper is awesome and I do include it in my diet at times - I love to sprinkle it on soups and avocado crackers etc. I only need the tiniest amount to trigger an unpleasant reaction.
Anonymous's picture
I am allergic to black pepper. However, I am able to use white pepper. I wonder if I am building up a sensitivity to white pepper because I am having skin issues; particularly on my scalp. I would hate to eliminate pepper altogether from my diet. In addition, when I eliminated black pepper, I lost a lot of weight. I believe it was inflammation. Based on what I have read, it look like I will have to eliminate pepper altogether. Although my severe reactions have only occurred when I have encountered black pepper. Thanks for the article.
Black Pepper Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure