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Corn Medicinal Uses

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Corn Medicinal Uses -- Corn On The CobsIf you are looking for a healthy, hearty fare that not only appeases your gut, but also has many medicinal uses, then corn could be your ideal treat. This humble grain not only comes packed with  micronutrients, but also has amazing medicinal properties. Well, for all who did not know, corn is the powerhouse of dietary fibers that not only helps to regulate digestion and lower cholesterol, but also helps to eliminate the risk of heart disease and cancer. Snacking on a cob of corn everyday can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes considerably and even boost your metabolism. Now with so many health benefits and medicinal uses to its name, corn truly deserves to be a part of your daily diet. For more on corn medicinal uses, check out the list below.


Benefits Of Corn

  • Corn, being a rich source of dietary fiber, can help to lower cholesterol levels considerably, and regulate proper bowel movements, thereby cutting down the risk of colon cancer to a large extent.
  • A potent source of folate, corn is believed to promote growth of new cells.
  • People suffering from low hemoglobin count can benefit largely from consuming corn salad.
  • Corn is loaded with pantothenic acid that helps to boost the physiological functions of the body.
  • Also being a rich source of thiamin, corns help to boost body metabolism rate to a great extent.
  • Whether you are suffering from kidney ailments or renal dysfunction, including corn in your daily diet can assuage your symptoms largely.


Other Medicinal Benefits Of Corn

  • Eating a handful of corn kernels everyday will keep cardiovascular complications at bay.
  • Corns are a potent source of beta-cryptoxanthin that helps to keep your lungs in a top-notch condition and slash the risk of lung cancer.
  • Being a rich source of insoluble fiber, corn helps to relive symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, and other digestive disorders.


Although cornmeal is a staple diet in most parts of the world and is widely consumed, at times it can trigger allergic reactions and cause skin rashes, diarrhea, asthma, itching of mucous membranes, and more.


The medicinal uses of corn are widely accepted and it is believed that including corn in your main meals can help to boost your immunity and save you from a slew of illnesses.


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Corn Medicinal Uses