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Cucumber Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure

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Cucumber allergy is usually not an isolated condition. It is associated with ragweed allergies more often than not with several gourd related allergies being linked together with cucumber as well. Let us try to find out more about it I order to avoid unpleasant symptoms that are both discomforting as well as a cause for concern.


Reasons for Cucumber Allergies

The food-pollen syndrome is common if you are unable to eat cucumbers without developing mild to severe allergic symptoms. This occurs due ti the fact that the proteins present in the cucumber are very similar to that of the ragout prompting the body to mistakenly identify it as an allergen. A specific antibody known as IgE is created to eliminate the protein from the system while the chemical histamine that is secreted in copious amounts results in the occurrence of allergic symptoms. It will be wise to stay away from zucchini, cantaloupes, and watermelons if you are allergic to cucumbers. They are usually linked together and you  are likely to be allergic to the entire group.


 Cucumber Allergy Symptoms

  • Tingling around the mouth and lips is collectively known as the oral allergic syndrome.
  • Itching and inflammation of the facial area with flushing.
  • Persistent cough along with frequent sneezing and runny nose.
  • Watering of the eyes and nasal congestion
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing and wheezing.
  • Anaphylaxis or life threatening symptoms occur very rarely on eating cucumbers.


Treating Cucumber allergy Symptoms

  • Avoiding cucumbers completely is the only solution available.
  • However, the mild allergic symptoms can be treated with anti histamine drugs bought over the counter.
  • The skin disorders including the itching and rashes are eliminated by topical application of corticosteroids.
  • Medication meant for treating asthma patients can also cure the respiratory distress effectively.
  • Severe reactions require medical intervention and carrying an epi-pen with epinephrine that can be injected at short notice is a precaution that allergic patients need to take.


It has been noticed that the raw form of the vegetable is responsible for cucumber allergy predominantly and consuming it in the cooked form will not harm you in the least.

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Cucumber Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure