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Beef For Weight Loss

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We are pretty sure that beef is not the meat  which people associate with weight loss. But some reports suggest that you can have beef for weight loss, believe it or not! Many among you are bound to shake your head in disbelief when we say that beef, in moderation, can help you in losing weight but some recent studies have found that people who had beef in a moderate amount were able to lose weight quickly than the ones who had lots of it on a daily basis. Read through this blog to find how you can have beef for weight loss.



Beef and Weight Loss


According to the recent reports, the regular beef eaters can opt for grass-fed beef , which serves only 2.4 grams of fat in comparison to the conventional beef which serves 16 grams of fat.  Also, the grass –fed beef is abundant source of conjugate linolenic acid. The conjugate linolenic acid is responsible for fat burning.  During some studies it was found that people who had regular and steady consumption of conjugate linolenic acid could reduce their body fats, but weight was not much affected.  This is because they force the body to use the fats accumulated in the tissues for the production of energy.



Also, beef is an abundant source of protein. Protein helps in muscle building and enhanced muscle mass always heightens the rate of metabolism. Foods that are labeled as proteins mostly have low glycemic index, so they take longer time to digest the carbohydrates, and generates the sense of fullness within an eater. So, by choosing the grass-fed beef you are actually adding low-fat protein to the diet. It is always good to stay away from the processed beef and for the desired benefits try to cook the beef at lower temperatures. Having grass-fed beef once or twice in a week will aid in weight loss and also help you to follow a healthy and balanced diet.



Weight Loss Recipes Involving Beef


  • Toasted Roast Beef Sandwich with Salad: This is one of the favorite recipes of all those weight loss aspirants who believe in the theory of beef for weight loss. This wholesome sandwich is prepared with roasted beef, whole-grain hamburger bun, mixed salad greens, partly-skimmed mozzarella, reduced-fat salad dressing, shredded carrots and chopped walnuts. The roasted beef is arranged on the hamburger bun and is cheese is added to its top. The beef topped sandwich is broiled under the oven until cheese melts and sandwich is served after tossing with carrots, dressing and walnuts.


  • Texas Beef Stew:
    This is one of the best weight loss recipes involving organic fed beef. This stew is prepared by combining ingredients like beef, turkey bacon, chopped onion, water, ancho chili, chopped tomatoes, white mushrooms, ground cumin, chili powder and kosher salt. This stew is served with some nutritious salad.


Beef can be a good weight loss option for those who believe in the word moderate and healthy. So, if you are one of those who want to try out beef for weight loss then remember to make a judicious decision in beef choices and other ingredients. 


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Beef For Weight Loss