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Rooibos For Weight Loss

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It is often said that some foods and drinks aid you in weight loss. If you believe in this theory, then you should drink Rooibos for weight loss. The tea has achieved a sort of cult status for the weight loss benefits it offers. Rooibos tea is known for its antioxidant actions and is slowly growing popular amongst the health conscious.



Rooibos tea is of South American origin and it serves has low tanins with zero calories. It is also a very popular stress buster and is found to be very effective in fighting against the actions of free radicals. Then you may ask how it is related to weight loss. Read through this blog to understand why you should try out rooibos for weight loss?


Rooibos and Weight Loss

Rooibos works on the factors that lead to weight gain.

  • Appetite: Rooibos is known to be a natural appetite suppressant. The tea is laced with antioxidants which trick the brain into believing that stomach is full. The appetite suppressing properties of rooibos are enhanced by teaming it with hoodia gordonii (another appetite suppressant).


  • Sleep:The compounds in rooibos help to induce good sleep and also enrich the sleeping experience. Several studies it was proved that people who follow a proper sleeping pattern (of 8 hours) tend to have proper metabolism, and have low attraction towards unhealthy foods in comparison with those who have haphazard sleep patterns.  Also, a good sleeping pattern leads to heightened energy levels and equip you with the energy to begin or adjust to an established exercising routine.


  • Stress: Stress is touted as the major enemy of weight gain.  Almost all of us are stressed out or over anxious over one thing or another. And during such time it is a human tendency to reach out for high calorie fatty foods. The compounds in rooibos tea tackle this aspect by soothing and calming the nervous system. This in turn also helps you to correct your food patterns and to curb your unusual eating tendencies at the time of stress.


  • Sweet: Most of us are habituated of having our tea sweet. The rooibos tea is one such beverage which doesn’t actually require any sugar due to its pleasant taste. Also, it is very low in calories and has no artificial ingredients. At times we all tend to add excess sugar and milk to tea to mask its bad taste. But rooibos is different, you can have it without any sugar and still feel contented. In addition to that it is caffeine free and you can enjoy it throughout the day without the fear of adding calories by sugar or harming your body with excess caffeine.


Rooibos is not a complete weight loss ingredient in itself but it can work well when you team it with a proper exercise and diet routine.


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Rooibos For Weight Loss