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Annatto Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure

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Annatto allergy is a term that is often met with surprise. For one, the Lipstick tree which bears it, is not related with any other kind of tree in the world nor is annatto classified as a tree nut. Yet allergies to the food additive do occur and you need to check with your doctor if you start feeling queasy every time you consume Mexican food laced with achiote, which is another name for the popular food dye.


Reasons For Annatto Allergy

The incidence of Annatto allergies is rare and there has been no specific study conducted about the allergens occurring in the naturally occurring dye. However, it is commonly believed that proteins present in it trigger off the symptoms as our body considers them as harmful. Specific antibodies are created to eliminate it from the body and the reactions that take place as a result cause us discomfort.


Annatto Allergy Symptoms

  • Itching of skin and inflammation
  • Flushing of the face
  • Tingling sensation around the mouth.
  • Abdominal cramps and diarrhea
  • Persistent coughing and nasal congestion
  • Headaches which can become severe resulting in migraines.
  • Muscular pain and general fatigue


Treating  Annatto Allergy

  • Avoiding Annatto in all forms including achiote pastes and seeds.
  • Anti histamine drugs can be bought over the counter for healing respiratory problems and other mild allergic symptoms.
  • Topical skin lotions help in eliminating the skin rashes and inflammation.
  • Anaphylaxis or severe reactions to Annatto is rare but can be found in extreme cases where the patient loses consciousness.


The FDA regulations do not require the food labels containing annatto to feature warnings hence; you need to be careful about reading the ingredient details on the rear end of the food. The list of ingredients will have the offending item listed though giving you an opportunity to take adequate precautions if you happen to suffer from annatto allergy.



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Annatto Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure