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Mushroom For Weight Loss

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We suggest you try out mushroom for weight loss because a new study points out that mushrooms, when eaten in abundance, can trigger an effective weight loss. Though mushrooms are used regularly in the Asian cuisine, it is only now that the Americans have started to include it into their diet.


Mushrooms offer very few calories and also deliver a big blast of deliciousness. They are naturally low in sodium, fats, which makes them naturally healthy.  Read through this blog to identify how you can benefit from mushrooms.




Lose weight with Mushroom?

Mushroom is a low-calorie and low-density food which when replaced with high-energy foods like ground beef can lead to obesity. During various studies it was proved that people who are dependent on high–energy foods often tend to have more energy and fat intake on day-to-day basis and also suffer from hunger pangs most often. However, those who have low-density foods like mushrooms tend to chomp less but still feel more content and lighter than others.  Various studies have affirmed the fact that people who are on low-carbohydrates, mushroom-based diet tend to lose more weight than others.


Cooked mushrooms are especially beneficial in weight loss because cooking enhances their healing properties. The cooking squeezes out water from mushrooms and makes it more flavorsome and increases its nutritive value. The mushroom can absorb the flavors and nutrients of the surrounding ingredients. Also, hydrazine – a toxic chemical found in mushroom is eliminated during cooking. Researchers say that mushroom is enriched with compounds that help to avoid dangerous clotting that leads to cardiovascular complications.



Preparation and Serving Tips

If you are having mushroom for weight loss then you need to prepare and serve them in very efficient way. Some points should be kept in mind while handling mushrooms:


  • They should not be washed because they act as sponge in absorbing water. So, mushrooms should be gently brushed or wiped using a wet cloth.
  • They should not be cut pre-hand because their stems can darken.
  • Ensure that they are not overcooked because they cook too soon. And overcooking can make them rubbery and tough.
  • Try to add a little wine while cooking mushrooms because due to high water content they tend to add more liquid to the dish.


You can use the following mushroom recipes to help you in weight loss:

  • Mushroom and Ginger Stir- Fry:
    This fry is best served during lunch with all major dishes. This dish can be easily prepared with ingredients like peanut oil, red pepper, carrot, broccoli florets, white button mushrooms, spring onions, garlic, fresh ginger, vegetable stock, rice wine vinegar, rice wine, low-sodium soya sauce, tomato puree, and cornflour.  The stir fry can be teamed with egg noodles.

  • Creamy Mushroom Penne:
    This penne can be served as a light meal. It is prepared using penne, olive oil, garlic clove, white button mushrooms, crème fraiche, white wine, nutmeg, and parsley. This penne is served hot after garnishing with low-fat parmesan cheese. 


There is no harm in eating mushrooms in any form but you need to differentiate between the toxic and non-toxic varieties for your own good. 


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Mushroom For Weight Loss