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Kalonji For Weight Loss

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Kalonji or black seeds are regular condiments used in many of the Asian food preparations.  In fact kalonji has got immense medicinal benefits as it assists the body in overcoming many illnesses, and speeds up the healing process.  But very few people might have heard of or used kalonji for weight loss. This blog concentrates on questions like why you should use kalonji for weight loss and how you can use it.



How are Kalonji and Weight Loss related to each other?
Kalonji is naturally high in fibers and is quite healthy for the body too. A handful of kalonji seeds is sufficient for tricking the satiety center in brain.  Kalonji, when added to any dish, increases its nutritious value and also increases its overall food value. Kalonji is enriched with an antioxidant enzyme known as nigellone which plays a vital role in tackling obesity. The nigellone tackles the fat cells and inhibits the fat accumulation in the body. The nigellone also plays an instrumental role in inhibiting the markers leading to cancer. 


The kalonji oil is normally recommended to all those who want to try out kalonji for weight loss. The kalonji oil can be easily incorporated into almost all of the regular dishes.


Kalonji Recipes for Weight Loss

  • Tomato- Kalonji Curry: The origin of this dish can be traced to India and China, where this curry is popularly served with meat preparations and is sometimes cooked with goat meat. The curry can be prepared plain and be teamed with whole wheat bread. Ingredients like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, carom seeds, pureed tomatoes, canola oil, turmeric, cayenne pepper, water, and salt are required to make this curry. The curry is served warm. Sometimes cooked goat meat is added towards the end of preparation. All the ingredients mentioned in this recipe can be easily purchased from any nearby Asian store.


  • Roasted Vegetables: This roasted vegetable dish can be eaten on its own or it can be teamed with your favorite chili sauce or it can also be served as a good side dish for fish or meat. This dish can be easily prepared by combining vegetables and spices. The vegetables involved in preparation of this are: onion, sweet potato, red pepper, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, and carrots. The kalonji seeds add visual appeal and distinct flavor to the curry.


  • Cauliflower Curry with Kalonji seasoning: This curry can aid all those who wish to try out kalonji for weight loss. The curry can be easily prepared using large cauliflower florets, mustard oil, potatoes, mustard seeds, kalonji seeds, green hot peppers, and a little bit sugar. People who are extra health conscious can omit the sugar. This cauliflower dish can be teamed with any regular bread or main dish.


There are no reported side effects of using kalonji in any form (read oil). But as per the diktats of herbal medicine, kalonji is not recommended for pregnant women because its compounds produce intense body heat (if used in excess) and can induce abortion too.  So, if you are allergic to tropical treatments or if you are pregnant then you need to be extra careful about using kalonji for weight loss. 


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Kalonji For Weight Loss