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Mint For Weight Loss

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We all know that fresh mint leaves add a distinct flavor to dishes and drinks. But very few of us might have used mint for weight loss. In fact, mint can help us in overall health gain – suggest some reports. Mint leaves have no fat, very low calories, and no cholesterol. Mint is a natural appetite suppressant and it helps to curb the hunger pangs and enhances your digestive power too. Lets read on to learn more about weight loss benefits of this aromatic leaf…


Mint and Weight Loss: What is all about a 2,800 calorie difference?

Scientists have concluded that people who had peppermint or mint on consistent basis chomped 2,800 calories fewer than the ones who never had it. According to Bryan Raudenbush, who mentored a study on weight loss benefits of mint, the mere scent of the mint or its consumption enhances the brain activities and triggers mental alertness. This newly generated mental alertness can aid in curbing snacking tendencies, diminishing fatigue, and triggering the sense of satiety and fullness. Chemical compounds in mint are responsible for enhancing your overall dining experience and satisfaction. But scientists have concluded that in order to gain desired benefits the mint or its variants used should be organic without even a single trace of pesticides or fertilizers which are used to increase its yield.




Mint and Weight Loss: How mint aids in digestion?


Some recent studies suggest that mint not only triggers a sense of satiety but also imparts some internal benefits as well some internal benefits. These leaves help to flush out the toxins from digestive tract and ease digestion by soothing intestines and flexing intestinal muscles. This helps to eliminate the cramp, and nauseating like sensations that accompany disturbed stomach.




How to Buy Mint For Weight Loss Benefits?

If you have made up your mind to try out the mint for weight loss then you need to know how to buy and store them. Mint can be easily purchased from any vegetable vendor or from the shop which sells herbal health products. The key is to ensure that the mint which you have purchased is organic. Growing mint in your kitchen garden is another way to ensure that it is pure and organic.




How to Introduce Mint into Your Diet?

When you are trying to have mint for weight loss, it becomes important to decide on how you are going to handle it. Following recipe tips will help you to decide on the extent up to which you can handle the mint in your diet:




  • Minted Pea Soup
    Minted pea soup is very healthy because here the mint is teamed with other healthy weight loss ingredients like olive oil, potato, sweet onion, water, salt, frozen peas, salt-pepper, and low-fat plain yogurt.


  • Mint and Parsley Pesto

    This can be served for a snack. The pesto can be prepared ahead and stored in refrigerator.


  • Whole Fish with Mint

    Many of you will shrink your brows on hearing about having raw whole fish with mint but you can grill it lightly and team it with mint for your lunch.




Using mint for weight loss, can give you double benefits - sweeter and fresh breath along with shedding of pounds


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Mint For Weight Loss