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Walnuts For Weight Loss

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Mythology says that walnuts or Juglans are foods favored by Roman gods.  But very few of us might have thought of using walnuts for weight loss. The main reason for this hesitation stems from the perception that nuts in general aid in weight gain. And another important thing is that this perception is true upto some extent, walnuts or any other nuts can aid in weight gain if eaten in excess. This blog shows you why you should have walnuts for weight loss and how you can have them.


Walnuts and Weight Loss
Walnuts are loaded with vitamins and minerals, which aid in promoting overall health. The walnuts are enriched with resveratrol – which aids in many ways. The resveratrol is known to spark the metabolism and aid in weight loss. The reseveratrol is also regarded for its appetite suppressing qualities and it helps to reduce the weight by enhancing the satiety. Through various researches it was proved that eating supplements enriched with resveratrol aided in decreasing the food intake by 13 percent and increasing their metabolic rate by 29 percent. This means you are making a good decision by having walnuts for weight loss.


Walnuts also provide vascular protection. Recently it has been proved that having walnuts with high-fat meals aid in limiting the ability of fats damaging arteries.   This means you can have walnuts without fear of fats hurting the arteries.


Walnut Recipes for Weight Loss
If you are considering walnuts for weight loss then following recipes will surely help you.


  • Watergate Salad: What led to its name is largely unknown but one thing is for sure that this salad is absolutely delicious. With all those pistachios, pineapples, marshmallows, walnuts, coconut and raisins – it is more a sort of dessert than a plain salad. You can have it once a while. You can try out various permutations and combinations too.
  • Goat Cheese, Walnut and Cranberry Canapes: You can try out serving these canapés for lunch atleast once in a week. These delicious canapés can be prepared in advance and mixed at the last moment before serving. The canapés are prepared with halved walnuts, ground cinnamon, olive oil, ground pepper, whole-wheat baguette, cranberries, fresh goat cheese, and fresh thyme. The goat cheese can be refrigerated a day ahead and walnuts can be added at the last minute.  They are very easy to make.
  • Raw kale salad with Pear, Walnuts and Gouda: Kale and walnuts add a distinct flavor to this salad. The choice of low calorie ingredients adds necessary nutrients to the salad and also makes it satisfying. This nutritious salad consists of raw ingredients like walnuts, sherry vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, Russian Kale, salt and ground pepper, goat’s milk Gouda cheese, chives and Anjou pear. All ingredients serve various types of vitamins and fiber. A bowlful of salad is enough to keep your day.

Roasted Walnuts Vs Raw Walnuts
As both these forms of walnuts are beneficial, but still scientists suggest to use raw walnuts for weight loss.  According to Dr. Vinson, from the University of Scranton – the roasting reduces antioxidant levels of the nuts. This means it is always beneficial to have raw walnuts.



If you plan to have walnuts for weight loss then take care to have them in moderate amount and don’t forget to team them with proper exercise and diet.


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Walnuts For Weight Loss