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Parsley For Weight Loss

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Recent news reports suggest that by eating parsley for weight loss, you also tend to make several other health benefits. This newly generated interest in parsley stems from the old Greek thought: parsley is good for digestion. Parsley is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, but today it grows everywhere. This means you won’t have trouble in acquiring parsley if you choose to include it in your weight loss program.


Here is why you should go about with parsley for weight loss and the ways to have it.





Parsley and Weight Loss

Parsley aids in weight loss by flushing out toxins from the body and corrects digestion. “The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants” states that parsley – roots and seeds can actually aid in dissolving and flushing out the toxins that get collected in the joints of digestive system. Parsley is traditionally served as an excellent remedy for digestion and it also helps to alleviate the painful situations of stomach cramps, indigestion, and gas. The fibrous content of parsley aids in stimulating the bowels and helps in excretion of wastes through urinary tract and bowels.



Parsley is loaded with nutrients that regulate the feeling of satiety within the eater. Parsley is low in calories and high in vitamin A, C, and Iron. It is believed to have thrice as much vitamin C than the orange zest.



Serving Parsley

While considering parsley for weight loss you also need to know the ways of serving this herb. Parsley is mostly used for garnishing soups, stews, and salads. It increases the nutritive value of food and imparts an exceptional flavor to the dish, by making it more appealing and digestible.  You can enhance the zeal and flavor of your soups, casseroles, sauces, and other vegetable preparations by adding a freshly chopped stem and some leaves of parsley. You can also try adding it to the salad dressing or play with  a few leaves over a hearty sandwich. For best results only use organic and fresh parsley.




Typical Parsley Dishes for Weight Loss

If you have made up your mind to have parsley for weight loss then don’t forget to have:


  • Parsley and Pear Green Smoothie: This green smoothie can be taken during the breakfast or as a snacking option. The smoothie is prepared by blending ingredients like parsley, pears, coconut cream, celery and water. It can be served chilled with few blocks of ice.
  • Parsley Tea:
    This herbal tea has been long promoted as a powerful weight loss agent. It is prepared by blending the parsley leaves with blackberry leaf, cherry stems, dandelion leaf, couch grass, celery tops, fennel seed and corn silk. If you are using dry herbs then you need to use three parts of parsley for each part of the herbs.




As, we said in the beginning by having parsley you also tend to have other health benefits. The flavonoid content of parsley aids in fighting against the cancer. And it helps in dissolving cellulite and cyst and helps in alleviating the water retention and uterine infections. But it is not recommended as safe for use during pregnancy because parsley can induce symptoms of false labor and also postpartum depression. 



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Parsley For Weight Loss