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Turmeric For Gynecomastia Cure

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Turmeric for gynecomastia treatmentGynecomastia is abnormal development of mammary glands in males, which results into breast enlargement. This often becomes a source of distress for concerned males, especially adolescent boys. Its causes remain uncertain; however, using turmeric for gynecomastia treatment has shown promising results. Therefore, let us discuss more on turmeric and gynecomastia.


Is Turmeric Useful For Gynecomastia Treatment

Turmeric is a spice of Indian subcontinent, which adds attractive yellow color to various culinary preparations. It holds a great place in Ayurvedic medicine for its healing properties. However, for the last few years, it is becoming popular in western world for its therapeutic values. Many studies are going on to discover its medicinal benefits including the use of turmeric for gynecomastia cure. Researches on turmeric and gynecomastia have come out with varying degrees of success. In some cases, men got completely rid of enlarged breasts. However, others reported reduction in soreness and pain in the chest. Research work is still underway, but turmeric has surfaced as the least expensive and most effective treatment for gynecomastia and experts have recommended an intake of at least 20 grams of turmeric per day to get hold of this disorder.


How Is Turmeric Effective Against Gynecomastia

Turmeric is a rich source of curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antitumor properties. All these activities of curcumin make it effective against gynecomastia. So, let us have a detailed look on the various effects of turmeric in curing gynecomastia.


Inhibits The Estrogen Supply

Breast enlargement requires a constant supply of estrogen hormone. Turmeric has the potency to bind all the estrogen receptor in the body and thereby retard the development of breast.


Inhibits The Growth Of Abnormal Cells

Turmeric has antitumor properties that make it effective in destroying the cancerous cells in the body. These abnormal cells are estrogen dependent and responsible for the abnormal growth of breasts in male.


Prohibits The Development Of Blood Vessels

Development of new blood vessels is important for the nourishment of cells. Curcumin is able to inhibit this process by blocking the enzyme AP-1 which in turn retards the development of abnormal cells like enlarged breast in males.


Thus, using turmeric for gynecomastia treatment would not turn vain. Moreover, it is a natural remedy with no major side effects, so there is no harm in taking it.


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Turmeric For Gynecomastia Cure