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Onion Medicinal Uses

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Onion Medicinal Uses -- OnionsIf you wish to enhance your health without having to pop in new pills every day, onions are the answer. The medicinal uses of onions are whopping and just by consuming them daily, you can enjoy health benefits without having to make any extreme efforts. While onions may not exactly leave you with a crisp breath, including them to your every day diet can leave your health with a greater perks. Onions are packed with vitamin C, sulfur, and antioxidants that help to defend the body against a whole slew of diseases, starting from asthma, bacterial infections, cholesterol, cancer, vertigo, obesity, pneumonia, and many other inflammatory diseases. Never mind, if you find onions too intense for your palate, you can always toss them into your salad, pack them in your sandwich or just consume the bulbs raw for better benefits.


Benefits Of Onions

  • Onions, both cooked and raw, are endowed with anti-platelet adhesiveness that is known to offer protection against thrombosis.
  • If your blood pressure refuses to shoot down, just try chomping on some raw onions. Apparently, onions are great for those suffering from hypertension and daily consumption can leave a significant difference in your diastolic reading.
  • Onion with its anti-inflammatory properties is found to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from inflammatory illness like bronchitis, neuritis, and even vertigo.
  • Onion is a diuretic that helps to boost the secretion of urine. Hence, people suffering from edema can benefit highly from eating onions.
  • Being a rich source of flavonoids, onions help the body to battle the free radicals and even offer protection against cardiac illness.


Other Medicinal Uses Of Onion

  • The medicinal uses of onions aren’t just restricted to your heart and bones alone. Apart from benefitting your health in numerous ways, onions are believed to good for eyes, finger, hair, and nails.
  • If you are suffering from cold and cough, then ingesting raw onions will relieve chest congestion and relieve sinus symptoms.
  • Onions are the best medicine for worms and other parasites that thrive on the gut.
  • Besides, eating onions regularly will help to boost your longevity like nothing else.  


Onions are loaded with a host of medicinal properties and do more good than harm to the body. However, consuming them can leave you with a sharp, onion breath that can hamper your social life.


Next time you go out for grocery shopping, don’t forget to load your shopping carts with loads of onions. Apart from their great medicinal uses, they are palatable for your taste buds, given you relish their pungent taste.


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Onion Medicinal Uses