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Basil Medicinal Uses

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Basil Medicinal Uses -- Fresh Basil LeafIf you think that your food is no good without a dash of fresh herbs, then including basil to your soups, vegetable, meats, and pastas could leave your health on a high. Basil, the green leafy herb that is almost a regular in all Thai dishes has great medicinal uses and is deemed as a storehouse of taste and key nutrients like vitamin k, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and more. A member of the mint family, basil can be used to treat anything, starting from cold to flatulence to bad breath and more. Here is a lowdown on basil medicinal uses. Trail through this write-up to know how basil can upgrade your health.


Benefits Of Basil

  • Apart from flavoring your pastas and salads, basil can be used to treat a host of skin disorders like ringworms, eczema, and rashes. Just add some basil leaves to your bathing water and rinse your skin with it for a cooling, soothing, smoothening effect.
  • Basil juice helps to prevent flatulence and bloating and offer relief from indigestion. It also helps to relieve stomach cramps and sour burps.
  • Basil is often dubbed as the “elixir of life” as it helps to add years to one’s lifespan by boosting body immunity and protecting the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Basil is also good for hair and helps to boost hair volume, luster, and even treat lice.


Other Medicinal Uses Of Basil

  • Basil contains important nutrients that not only help to destroy oral bacteria and also cut down on plaque and tooth decay. What more, basil makes for great mouth freshener.
  • It also has anti-ageing properties that helps to clear acne and age spots from the skin and helps to purify blood and treat blemishes.
  • Basil is believed to be a rejuvenator, stress-buster, and brain-booster and hence, could do some wonders for your cognitive skills.
  • Basil has amazing healing components. Touted as an antiseptic, basil is believed to be effective against viruses, fungi, and bacteria and also works as a natural pain killer.


Although basil is often use as an alternative medicine, it does come with a few side effects and thus long term medicinal use of basil is not recommended. Excessive consumption of basil can lead to liver cancer and trigger symptoms like hunger, confusion, heavy sweating and more. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and diabetic patients should strictly avoid this herb.


Basil medicinal uses are far too many to jot down. Just add this herb to your salads, soup, curries, and appetizers to reap its benefits.


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Basil Medicinal Uses