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Turmeric For Boils Cure

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Turmeric for treatment of boilsMost of us often use antibiotics for the treatment of boils. However, using turmeric for boils is more reliable and effective cure, especially when we often come to hear that bacteria are getting resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Furthermore, turmeric is rich in a natural ingredient curcumin that works wonders in curing skin abscess irrespective of the severity of the condition. So, let us discuss more on turmeric and boils so that you can use the herb without hesitation if you ever suffer from the painful suckers.


What Makes Turmeric Useful Against Boils

Turmeric is a multipurpose herb having culinary as well as medicinal uses. Using turmeric for boils is a time-tested formula as the herb has the properties of blood purifier, antioxidant, and pain reliever due to its ingredient, curcumin. It is also germicidal and anti-inflammatory in action, which helps in addressing the root causes of boils.


How To Use Turmeric For The Treatment Of Boils

You can use turmeric internally or externally for the treatment of boils. Both ways are equally effective in controlling as well as preventing the recurrence of boils. However, for prompt results try using both the methods.


Internal Use Of Turmeric For Curing Boils

Taking turmeric internally would heal the boils in a matter of few days. This is so because while eating or drinking turmeric, you are cleansing your body and skin as turmeric is germicidal and detoxifying in nature. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm water. Try to take this mixture three times a day. You can also buy turmeric capsules from the herbal store and take one capsule of 450 mg every day.


Topical Use Of Turmeric For Curing Boils

External application of turmeric helps in preventing the re-infection of the surrounding skin and thereby lowers the risk of recurrence. It also promotes the drainage of the boil and thus triggers the healing process. For topical use, prepare a paste of turmeric powder either in water or milk. Apply the paste directly over the boils and cover it with bandage to keep it intact. Leave it overnight and remove the bandage next morning. If you find that head of the boil has softened, wash it with warm water. However, if the head is still tough to remove, prepare a concentrated paste of turmeric next time.  


In this way, you can use turmeric for boils treatment; it is safe and a natural remedy. If you have just noticed the symptoms of boils, start-taking turmeric internally, boils would disappear overnight. While for recurring boils, you can regularly use turmeric to prevent the re-infection.


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Turmeric For Boils Cure