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Kiwi For Weight Loss

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Have you ever thought of having a funny- looking kiwi for weight loss? If no, then you should try it atleast once. The kiwi fruit, also nicknamed as Chinese gooseberry, has a higher nutritive value than any other fruit. Also, they aren’t that high in calories too, yet they deliver a powerful zing with their tart but delicious taste to any vegetable or fruit salad to which they are added. Read through the blog to know why you should have kiwi for weight loss.


How are Kiwi and Weight Loss Related To Each Other?
The funny –looking small green kiwi fruit is choked with fibers. All those small black seeds (that decorate a slice) when combined together can give you a good dose of insoluble fiber. The insoluble fibers help in digestion by decreasing the bowel transit time. The kiwi fruit is also loaded with soluble fibers that add bulk to the food and promotes the feeling of fullness within an eater.  The fruit releases enzymes which create gel-like substances to entrap the bile formations, which strikes down the cholesterol levels in the body.


Kiwi fruit is also a good source of Vitamin C- a potential weight loss vitamin. The vitamin C present in Kiwi fruit aids in production of L-Carnitine, which is necessary for burning the fat. The deficiency of L-Carnitine often ends up in weight gain because it lowers the energy levels and forces the body to store fats in the muscles.  This always results in abdominal fat, which is mostly observed in obese and people in middle age.


How to Add Kiwi to Your Diet?
If you have made up your mind to have kiwi for weight loss then we can suggest you some innovative ways of introducing this fruit to your diet.

  • For best results eat whole kiwi fruit. You can peel and slice them before eating. But the skin of the fruit is edible, so we suggest you to just wash and rub the brown fuzz surrounding the fruit before popping them into the mouth.
  • Use sliced kiwis for garnishing your fruit and vegetable salads. This fruit doesn't discolor on exposure to air because of its high vitamin C content. The vitamin C has antioxidant powers which prevent the fruit from getting oxidized or turning brown.  If you are craving for a quick fruit fix then combine this small- green fruit with any exotic berry.
  • Combine kiwis with honey, yogurt, and ice and blend it to get an enriching smoothie.


Final Word

By having kiwi for weight loss you also tend to stay away from colon cancer because the fruit is a mild laxative which adds sufficient fiber to your diet.


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Kiwi For Weight Loss