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Gelatin For Weight Loss

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Everybody knows that Gelatin is a versatile ingredient which is used in the preparation of a large number of desserts.  But very few of us have ever thought of using gelatin for weight loss. In fact gelatin is very low in fat and the sugar free version only serves 10 calories per serving. If you are still not convinced of using gelatin for weight loss then read through this blog to understand how gelatin and weight loss are related to each other.





Relationship Gelatin and Weight Loss


As Gelatin is made up of water, having it before meals will help to fill your stomach, especially if you use the sugar-free variety of gelatin. What's more? you will end up chomping fewer calories too. According to the Mayo Clinic, having sugar-free gelatin before meals helps to fulfill the recommended minimum requirement of 64.oz of water which is needed to be consumed daily. Having more fluids in diet will aid in stabilizing the energy levels of body and also make you more active. The water levels empower body to get rid of waste products, which also includes the fat byproducts produced by the body during physical exercises.




How to Add Gelatin to Diet?

If you go by the traditional sugar-and fat-laden version of the diet then it’s not going to help you in any way. But if you go for the sugar-free version of flavored gelatin then you are benefiting a fulfilling course only at 10 calories.  You can begin your tryst with this ingredient by considering several versions of sugar-free gelatins for weight loss. You can prepare them easily by following the manufacturer’s instructions and pack them for after lunch snacking. For an added flavor and sweetness, you can top your snack with 1 tbsp of low- or non-fat whipped cream topping.



Also, you can enrich the nutritional value of sugar-free gelatin by adding frozen, fresh or canned fruits to it. This not only enhances it flavor but also enriches it with necessary dietary fiber. Such dietary fibers derived from fruits will help you to stay fuller for long time. Additionally fruits empower the body to recover from harsh physical and mental stress by supplying it all vital nutrients. You can experiment with various fruit variants and different flavor combinations while making the dessert.


Ifood. Tip: Don’t use pineapple during gelatin preparation because its enzyme inhibits the gelatin from getting firm.


At times if you feel like enjoying  low-fat, and, low-sugar dessert without compromising on your weight loss goals then try topping sugar-free flavored gelatin with a layer of granola and non fat yogurt . And for added sweetness, add any low - or non-fat whipped topping to the dessert.



Final Word

Experts warn that gelatin alone should not be treated as a weight loss ingredient instead it should be teamed with proper diet and exercise routine.  Also, don’t forget to check with your physician before making any lifestyle changes with the help of gelatin. 



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Gelatin For Weight Loss