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Salmon For Weight Loss

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For anyone trying to lose weight naturally,  finding low-calorie and nutrient enriched foods can be really challenging. In this blog we will help you understand how to use salmon for weight loss. Salmon is generally recommended to people who are searching for a rich source of omega -3 fatty acids. The salmon is choked with nutrients and due to its high fat and protein content it makes a satisfying dish. Here are some vital questions which will help you to understand the importance of salmon for weight loss.



How are salmon and weight loss related?

Salmon and weight loss are related due to three factors: Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids and low calorie.

  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is important for the growth and development of the body organs. Other than that it helps to regularize the functioning of the body and one of its important functions is to stabilize the blood sugar levels. The stabilized blood sugar levels help to curb the hunger pangs.  Controlled appetite and regular exercising helps to lose weight easily.
  • Omega 3: The omega 3 fatty acids help body to fight against diseases. They aid the body in burn fat more effectively and they also supply energy which can last during the workout period. Salmon also improves the insulin sensitivity of the body. This helps to build lean muscles and to burn fat.
  • Low Calorie: The salmon serves very low calories and has high nutrient density. These two are prime factors for weight loss.


Which is best: wild salmon or farmed salmon?
After choosing the salmon for weight loss you need to know which salmon variety is beneficial. In fact both the farmed and wild varieties are good for you. But farmed salmon may carry more toxins than the wild caught ones. The wild caught ones are considered to be less fatty than the farmed ones but as said the omega -3 is good for you and you don’t actually need hyper fatty fishes to get it.


How to eat salmon?
Having salmons deep fried or teaming them with high calorie sauces is not going to aid you in any way. In fact you can reap more health benefits by baking, grilling or broiling them.


Which are the famous weight loss diets that promote salmon?


  • Dr. Hoffman’s diet: The famous weight loss diet is promoted by none other than Dr. Ronald Hoffman who is the medical director and founder of Hoffman Center in New York City. He promotes salmon as one of the chief staples of his weight loss diets.
  • Mediterranean diet: This diet is mostly followed by people living in Greece, Italy and Spain. Their diet is enriched with seafood and they consume fish atleast 3-4 times in a week.
  • Salad and Salmon diet: This diet promotes the need for increasing: healthy fats ( found in olive oil, salmon, etc), lean proteins and non-starchy veggies, whereas it discourages the use of sugar, saturated fats and starch in diet.


Final Thoughts

It is recommended that those of you who want to try out salmon for weight loss should include atleast 12 ounces of it in their weekly diet. Adding fresh wild or farmed salmon to your diet can really make a difference to your weight loss goals. 


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Salmon For Weight Loss