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Bitter Gourd For Weight Loss

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We all know that losing weight is hard. But it can be a lot more easy to tackle those odd pounds if you consider bitter gourd for weight loss. Bitter gourd or bitter melon is a popular Asian vegetable which was always termed as a diabetic’s friend. This vegetable aids in a big way in combating the insulin resistance. This blog concentrates on the hard facts regarding the bitter gourd and weight loss. Read through it to know how bitter gourd can aid you in weight loss.




How to use bitter gourd for weight loss?

It is always better to use the fresh bitter gourd for weight loss instead of the supplements. The fresh bitter gourd can be added to salads, or served after being stuffed with meats or rice while cooking. This vegetable also tastes good when used in stir fries. Here are some of the ways of including bitter gourd into your diet:-

  • Breakfast:
    A small glass of bitter gourd juice in the morning during the breakfast can help you have a ravenous start of the day and it also saves you from over eating.

  • Snack and Lunch:
    Stir fried bitter gourd chips can make for good snacks. You can dump your regular chips in favor of the bitter gourd chips cooked in healthy vegetable oil. Or you can team a bowl of fruits with bitter gourd juice for lunch.


If you find it difficult to include bitter gourd into your diet in one go, then we suggest you to go slow about it and do it in steps. You can find a noticeable difference in weight after you start using bitter gourd for weight loss.  


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Bitter Gourd For Weight Loss