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Poulet frites: perfect for the kidsFrench cuisine is one of the best and popular in the world. If you are looking for information on French food for kids, then you have come to the correct article. The following article will give you useful ideas about French foods which you can try making for your kids.


Although the French dishes are generally simple, they are not bland in taste. French dishes are the most delightful and refined dishes across the world.


List of French food for kids:


Poulet frites:



Poulet frites is a very typical French dish which can be enjoyed by your kids on the weekends. You just need to roast the chicken in the oven and serve the dish with fries or chips. If your kids love vegetables, then do not forget to add vegetables along with the dish. The dish is delicious as well as healthy.



Tartes aux fruits:



Tartes aux fruit, a beautiful looking fruit tart, is the traditional dish of the Provence region. The dish consists of a thick cake batter which is being patted into a flan dish and the fruit is sliced and laid on top. It is really a worth making dessert for the summer season.






Mille-feuilles is a delicious puff pastry consists of two alternate layers of pastry cream and whipped cream. You can top the pastry with icing or fondant along with some brown chocolate strips. While serving the dish you can serve the fruit on the side. Thus, in this way your kids will get the tasty dessert with nutritious fruits.



Truffade: the filling and comfort food




Truffade is a French potato pie with cheese and bacon. A delicious and filling comfort food, Truffade is the specialty of Auvergne region in Provence. Truffade can be served as a delicious supper with dark bread or as a weekend breakfast.





Coq au Vin:



Coq au Vin is a great dish for any occasion, from Sunday lunch to being served up at a dinner party. The dish consists of chicken which is often cooked with mushrooms, garlic and other green vegetables. This is a great family dish and I am sure your kids will love it.


With delicious and unique delicacies, the French food is really an inspiration to many of us. Hope this article on French food for kids could give you a close look at various French dishes.


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French Food For Kids