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Saganaki: the delicious Greek dish

Looking to make Greek food for kidsGreek food is quite simple, colorful, and packed with robust flavors. The majority of Greek foods include the vital ingredients such as olive oil, meats (like lamb) and vegetables. The most common flavorings used in Greek cuisine consist of mint, garlic, oregano, dill and bay laurel leaves.


Let’s see the list of Greek food for kids.

Greek food for kids:


Saganaki: Pan-seared Greek cheese


Saganaki is a popular Greek appetizer which is named after the single serving frying pan in which it is cooked. It is a dish made by frying or broiling cheese. Typically, the saganaki is made with traditional Greek cheeses, which tend to be very aromatic and salty. You can use other Greek cheeses also such as mizithra and manouri.


Chicken Phyllo Rolls


Chicken phyllo rolls are the crusted pie of shredded chicken which has been simmered with Greek spices. You can mix the egg and nuts for more enriched taste. Try this dish at home and impress your kids.




Loukoumathes are the wonderful Greek donuts which are made of deep fried dough soaked in sugar syrup or honey. You can sprinkle the sesame, cinnamon, or walnuts over the dish. The dish is very crispy from outside and fluffy from inside at the same time. They are yummy…


Greek Pizza

Tiropites: Cheese pie triangles

Pizza has always remained the favorite dish for most of the kids. Moreover, nothing could be better than homemade pizzas. Yes, Greek pizza is a homemade pizza with bacon, tomatoes, peppers, and ham. Once the pizza is baked, you can top it with cheese.


Tiropites: Cheese pie triangles


Tiropites are the scrumptious Greek finger food which is prepared with buttery layers of filo dough and filled with warm and soft feta cheese. You can easily add a touch of Greece to your kid’s meal by trying this tasty dish.


Krouasan me Feta: feta croissant


Krouasan me Feta is a delightful croissants which can be your kid’s favorite breakfast item. Feta croissant can be made with croissant dough which you can fill with feta cheese. It is a very light dish with mouth-watering taste.


There is no denying the fact that when it comes to being passionate about food, the Greeks are always the best. Try out the above listed Greek food for kids and discover a wonderful smile on your kid’s face.


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Greek Food For Kids