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Olive Oil Gift Basket Ideas

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Olive oil gift basket is a perfect gift for those who love Italian food. Olive oil is used in various forms in the Italian cuisine, such as salad dressing, dip for bread and used for cooking almost everything. Combine olive oil with other products that complement it and offer the recipient some fresh ideas of using olive oil.


Olive Oil Gift Basket Ideas:


Olive Oil Dipping Basket

When mixed with the right spices, olive oil proves to be an excellent base for numerous Italian dips. Make a basket which has olive oil, dipping seasonings as well as a dipping bowl. Add a personal touch to this gift by placing a dipping bowl that matches with the personality of the recipient. You may buy packaged dipping seasonings which are sold at many stores. Alternatively, you may add Parmesan cheese, tomato basil and red pepper as they go well with the oil.


Olive Oil Recipe Book

Olive oil is used for making different dishes. Along with the bottle of olive oil, add a cookbook of olive oil recipes. If the recipient love to cook food or wants to learn to make some Italian dishes, the basket will be greatly appreciated.  You may bookmark a particular recipe in the book which you think the recipient may like. Placing the ingredients for that dish in the basket will make it easier for the recipient to try it at home.


Add Multiple Oils

Include other oils too, that can be incorporated in cooking, apart from olive oil. Add a a bottle of basil, Greek, lemon, spiced or chipotle oil. This offers an array of varying flavors that may be savored in a new dish each day.


Pasta Basket

Olive oil when used in noodles or pasta prevents them from sticking to one another and enhances the flavor. Place a container of flavored extra virgin olive oil, like garlic olive oil in the perfect pasta gift basket. Include unique pasta shapes such as bow ties, shells and angel hair.  Finish the basket by adding marinara and Alfredo sauce. A chunk of Parmesan cheese will surely be an extra bonus!


Use other creative ideas to make the olive oil gift basket a memorable one!


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Olive Oil Gift Basket Ideas