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Tofu For Weight Loss

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What do you feel about having tofu for weight loss? – This question may divide people in two camps because since last many years it was propagated that tofu is only good for weight gain.  Well after reading through this blog, you will understand how to connect tofu and weight loss to each other.



Magic Ingredient: Tofu is made up of soyabean, which is a good source of protein. The soyabean has been used as a healthy meat substitute for quite some time. The soybeans are loaded with healthy fats – monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. This is supposed to be a good kind of fat than the regular animal fat. These kinds of fats lower down the risk factors associated with most of the meat products. Also, the soybean content of the tofu makes it a good source of soluble and insoluble fibers. Also, the soybean content aids tofu in mimicking the protein profile of the milk. The soy content of the tofu also helps to curb the hunger cravings and to regularize the blood sugar levels too.  The increased blood sugar triggers the hunger cravings and forces the eater to reach out for unhealthy foods. Other than that the soy proteins also aid the eater in lodging a striking fight against breast cancer, and other diseases. Also these fiber forms not only help add bulk to your diet, but also aid in promoting the bowel movement.


Preparing and Serving Tofu for Weight Loss: The following tips will help you to decide how you can have tofu for weight loss.

  • The Tofu does not have a flavor of its own. It encapsulates the flavor of the foods into which it is added. 
  • Tofu can change the dish for better if added to the chili and spaghetti sauce like dishes.  
  • Tofu can really work wonders when added to the stir fries. To add it to the stir fry you need to cube them and fry them for a while in the sesame oil. Also, you can substitute for a piece of highly calorific meat in your favorite stir fry.

In this way the tofu can help you to stay committed to your taste preference and lose weight too.


Consideration: As said before the soy protein in tofu does not contain any cholesterol and was also found to lower the cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of stroke and other dangerous ailments. But fats are fats in any way and their high consumption is not generally supported or recommended. So, if you have decided to use tofu for weight loss by including it into your diet then it becomes mandatory to develop a suitable exercise routine as well. 


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Tofu For Weight Loss